Saturday, February 26, 2011

Un Decided

We interrupt your regularly scheduled post to bring you this 

What I consider to be the most adorable, whimsical cat fabric E.V.A.R.

Look at what these long legged lovelies have in their bellehs! 

And this is what made me laff and fall off my chair, literally
click to enlarge this one; go on, you know you want to
Check him out!!!  Mr. Green Mancat is ALL MAN
It's not a fabric misprint either;  all the green cats are unaltered boys! 


Now I know, I know, it's politically correct to have our boyz and girls spayed & neutered.  And you won't catch me sayin' contrariwise but you gotta admit

Lime Green Mancats w/fish in their bellehs and their wee cajones showin is funny stuff! 

 How cute is that strip down the center with the fishes? 

 A friend knew I made quilts for cats & she was cleaning out her 'stash' & gave me a 1/2 a yard of this material .  When I got home & opened it up and fell instantly in love. I knew right away I wanted a whole quilt all for myself out of this darling print.  I went online & found the distributor & bought 4 more yards; as it turns out it; they are discontinuing it and my 'cut' was near the end of the bolt so they threw in the extra last yard gratis.   5 yards!!!   DESTINY

THEN, while I was out getting a long decorator pillow for another commission I'm working on (I'll write about that when it's done) I found at my local Joann's this darling group of cat fabrics.  Normally I don't go in for the cutesy charm packs but I really liked the sophisticated look of these felines 

There was also a plain striped and lime green with tiny teal polka dots in this group. 

 Won't these make darling CatNip Quilts??? 

right... I'm off to work.  Ms. Stella will be along any minute shovin me off so she can have her daily dose of nekkid boy

That Woman


  1. Fabulous fabrics!! They will make fabulous CatNip quilts, You are making Mom want to crank up her sewing machine and haunt the fabric stores!

  2. I do believe I could get comfy on any of those!

  3. Aaaaah!!! I LOVE these!!!
    that material is hysterical!!

  4. Oh I am LOVING those fabrics like 1000%!!! That green boy is adorable!!! But all of the fabrics are. Just what I needed. A burst of fun and laughter.

  5. Oh oh oh! I loves these fabrics! Pretty soon (when she finishes paying all her green papers to the dentist) my Human promised me she will order me one of these very cool catnip blankies like the other kittehs have. She says I can has it pretty soon!

  6. We will be watching for the finished quilt!!!!

  7. OMG! That fabric cracked me up! What a find!

  8. Oh Oh Oh...loves the first one sosososo much! A pillow would be wonderful on my black leather couch to go along with the rest of the African theme and Laurel Burch masks...

  9. Heh..heh..heh..the green cat is pretty naughty ha..ha..ha.. I still can't stop laughing..That's good one : )


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