Wednesday, February 02, 2011

7 Things About Miss Jack!

  1. I sleep on my fleece blanket all day no matter where it is or what the temperature is(or who's under it)
  2. I don’t eat human food of any kind
  3. When The Gurls alarm goes off I bite her nose to get her to turn it off (so I can go back to sleep)
  4. My favorite person is The Gurl she likes to take pictures of me (mostly when I'm sleeping)
  5. I refuse to cover my poops in the litter box (it's too fun to watch That  Woman  LEAP up and cover them with watering eyes)
  6. I play chase with Scrappy until we end in hissy fits  
  7. Then I go back to sleep  


  1. Miss Jack,

    You might have to learn to complete process of litter box, Honey ! Don't give your human a hard time ! she is really nice lady : )


  2. Oh Miss Jacks, it is SO good to get to know all of you like this. I'm so glad That Woman decided to tell about all of you. You are beautiful and I always appreciate a fine figger of a lady cat!!!

  3. What a darling picture!

  4. Oh, Miss Jack! We are so happy to meet you and we think you have the right idea about how to spend the day. And that 2nd picture of you? Ohhhh, that's the one you need to get That Woman to greatly enlarge and put on the wall! You are a beauty (not unlike myself)

  5. Knives says, "Dude!! I totally understand! I just don't get why Feeders think we always need to cover up stuff. In my case it's usually because they aren't diligent enough in keeping it pristine enough for me. Seriously, there are five of us!! Don't the Feeders realize that the litter boxes need to be changed two or three times a day?!?!"

  6. Miss Jack
    (we wondered how you got your name) we think you are as cute as a button!
    Tell your Mom Abby got her quilt and she made quite a spectacle of herself, Mom said she has pictures. But we thank you so much. We love it and Abby refuses to share it with any of us.


  7. Miss Jack, you are just so darned cute! Even when I cover my poop, my mom gags and runs for the air freshener. She's rude.

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  9. Hi Abby! Miss Jack was named after Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas. When she was wee tiny we thought she was a boy; after we found out she was a girl I didn't like the idea of changing it so we just added Miss. It just seems to suit her.

    She was one of 5 of a feral litter that was found & brought to us. Miss Jack was the only tuxie; she was also the runt. She had a horrible skin condition and had NO FURS. She would lay on the bottom of the kitten pile & would just be all sweaty when her sibs would move off her. THEN she went to the vet & he said she had mange. One shot later and within a coupla days the 'scales' flaked off to reveal her most gorgeously thick as velvet furs. Her eyes turned green as she got older & she just became such a beauty to behold! Now, if we can just get her to excersize more!


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