Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday hunt

Ok Kitties....

Guess what I'm doin?

It's sunny today for a minute
They can't resist the moment to sunbathe

I'm always watchin...

Happy Hunting
Ms. Stella
pee.sss..  click to make them bigger;  then pretend to hide and then POUNCE!


  1. mmmmmmm, LIZARD!

    Our lizards (they are all named George) have not appeared yet this year. But they will, transiently.

  2. SUN! Please send some to your neighbors here on the Central Coast. Cold and rainy here.

  3. Oh Ms STELLA! You are out of the time-out corner! My hero!!!


  4. OMC !!! I love this post , Miss Stella
    First time I look at it, I though why you not POUNCE !!!
    and then I just know you are so kind to keep it for us to have fun...Thanks a lot.

    Now I'm ready....POUNCE! POUNCE! POUNCE!!!!!!

  5. Lunch!! Stacy, I wanted to thank you for your message after my dad's passing. The kind notes left for me by people I have never met in person were so much appreciated - it mad a bad week a little bit better. Thank you.

  6. gimmie gimmie gimmie
    I want I want I wannnnnt that toy!

    bonkbonks and we hope you had a fun sunny day.
    Here the wind was blowing like a locomotive!

    more bonks

  7. We have eyes for Lizards and HM! That's ok...2 lizards in the bush are worth 1 cat on the east coast...


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