Saturday, February 05, 2011

7 Things About 'The Riley'

Okay, Okay, so I don't actually live with That Woman and all those kittehs.  BUT I am adopted and am a penpal to Ms. Stella O'Houligan.  Our mom's are penpals to each other... C, it all started when our moms met on the Irish Gaelic Translator website.  Waaaaaay back when That Woman was getting help doing the translation on that big quilt she made (That's now on it's way to the Netherlands at the big International Quilt Competition!)

Now; they didn't like the fact that there was sooo many funny birthday cards out there and that you could only send one at a time and only once a year on  that person's birthday.  So somebody decided that they  could have un-birthdays.  That way they could send funny cards to each other any times they wanted & it would be like a surprise. 

Now the daft ol broads  genteel ladies send each other cards all the times!  They are sometimes from me to Ms. Stella & the kittehs or sometimes from My Mom to That Woman.  I know That Woman has kept all hers in a special box. 

I wrote a letter to Ms. Stella recently about an adventure I had.  She asked my Mom if it would be all right to share my pictures and my mom said ok.  So here I am...

The Riley sittin pretty in the primrose patch!  *edit from That Woman- awww woook at da widdy puppy; hims sooooo cutez!!*

*woof!* Here I am after my recent reinactment of 'Escape from Alkatraz'.  I won't go into detail given that my mom's still pretty sore about it but you can see my nose got the worst of it

I wrote Ms. Stella a loooong letter that she LOVED reading telling her how sad I was that I made my mom so madl.  And my mom is so heartless she said "I deserved what I got" which I found really kinda mean... I mean look at my eyes!  Couldn't she see how sad I was?  Sheesh mom!  Heart of STEELE that one! Stella found this card and sent it to my mom saying it 'seem appropriate'  whatever that means. 

Here's the card:

I know theres other goggies out there readin' who TOTALLY get this!

7 things about me?

1.  I lives on a biiiiig ranch in Texas
2.  My favorite game is tennis ball toss
3. I eat crunchy apples and celery
4. I can spend hours playing tennis ball toss
5. I love to have my bellie rubbed!
6. I sit on my mom's lap
7. I love it best when she tosses the tennis ball!


  1. We can see by the card exactly where Riley got his "escape" idea. His poor noozie! He looks so remorseful, well kinda anyway, that we think his mom should just pat her lap and let him up. Give him a smooch on that nose, too.
    We remember Riley 'cause he said he wouldn't eat our toys if he came to visit. He's a good boy :)

  2. Oh Riley
    We are glad you are OK!

  3. That was such a good story, and I liked your list of 7 things! It's just a shame you don't like tennis ball!!!

  4. Riley sweet boy,you are so HANDSOME! I'm glad you and Ms Stella are furriends.

  5. Riley you are super cool. Mom's are kind of funny about dangerous adventures. We have four paws, we are experts at feats of perilous exploits... and stuff.

    We are so honored to meet you!


  6. Riley, you look so very sorries that I think you should be forgiven, even though you are a woofie and generally I disapproves of them. But, you are black like me, so there's that point in your favor.

  7. Riley, some of us enjoy escaping, too. Nothing like the thrill of the unknown, as long as you still get supper, playtime, etc.
    Please convey to Stella's Mom that we have enjoyed all the "7 Things" posts this week!


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