Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ms Stella prepares a love note

RE: Ollie Update
No new video of Sir Ollie yet
Sadly he's had a couple setbacks in his recovery and been back to the Dr.  
Nothing new to report, he's just having a difficult time adapting to not having vision.

One time I was playing with him with his favorite wand toy and while I was holding it the very end simply rolled and tapped his nose; he fled UTB and stayed there the afternoon. 

He wants out with the other cats (esp. Stella who to her credit, treats him to nose taps and a tail caress) but not long after he's mingled he starts crying and seems to get lost and disoriented. 

 Yesterday when I reached out to him, touching his tail as he passed my chair; he turned & hissed at me.  I now realize I frightened him; I didn't 'warn' him that I was going to touch him and therefore he was unprepared.

 Having my boy hiss at me was not something I was prepared to endure either.  It was very nearly like the time when 11 yr old Ellen told me thru her tears that I was 'evil' and after I got to work I made it to the bathroom and cried.  

He definitely has to stay in his 'safe room' and he does behave much better when he's there.  This morning he was making muffins on his 
woobie so long he had snot dripping out of his nose and his bad eye was watering too.  

I am still planning on doing an auction but this adjustment period has been difficult and I want to spend as much time with him as I can so I've been remiss in a lot of home stuff after I get home from work.  Tonight I went into my studio for the first time since his accident just to get some small things done; that's where this video of Ms. Stella came from.  Hopefully this weekend I can have some more time to regroup and find my feet. It felt good to concentrate on some art for a while. 

Thanks everyone so much for all your purrs, support & hugs.
I can't tell you how much they are so very appreciated! 


  1. Poor Ollie and poor you! I'm sure some setbacks are to be expected. We'll turn up our motors for him.

  2. Stella really loved her petting session! I am sad that Ollie is not recovering as smoothy as everyone of us had hoped. I am sending more purrs his way - and yours too, as I know this is very hard on you too.

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  4. We feel so bad for Ollie. Cats can and do adapt to changes like blindness, but it must be much harder for it to be so sudden rather than gradual. We're purring for Ollie to adapt... and for the remaining swelling to go down inside so that he gets more sight back, if possible.

  5. We're sorry to hear of this, but really it's not surprising. Poor Ollie - and his Mom! But we know that in time all this will straighten out and get better. We will continue to purray for all of you. Pawhugs.

  6. Oh, sweet Ollie, poor boy. We agree, setbacks are bound to happen, but we think he's been doing so well. Continued purrs and purrayers to him and to you.

  7. it's so hard not to take things personally (((hug)))
    such a huge learning curve for you both

  8. Awww sweet Ollie. I think eventually he'll get used to be without his vision. There maybe a lot of struggles between now and then tho. Poor baby, but I think you will both make it. Purrs and prayers are with you.

  9. I had so hoped, reading through the last few posts that Ollie was well on the way to recovery!! It has been and still is a very tough time for you and he! Sending megapurrs and good thoughts to you and purraying you both will adapt to the new situation sooner rather than later. You both need "normal" again!

    On another note, Miss Stella is a looker that's for sure!!

  10. We sure hope sweet Ollie is doing better. We are keeping prayers going for him. Hugs and nose kisses

  11. dood.....even way mor blessings frum St Francis headed yur way...take it one step atta time ...sum times a fast trak ree coveree letz ya forget stuff long de way N ya gotta take it a bit slower...we noe thiz izza crap azz time for ewe N yur mom....but ewe haz her N her haz ewe.....N yur site may come bak after all iz said N done...N we trooly hope sew XXXXXXX

  12. Sending a big hug to you first Mom! You're doing a great job.

    Sending huge purrs to you Ollie!!

  13. Poor Ollie. Setbacks are distressing for both of you. Does he have any vision at all of movements? Purrs and hugs to both of you.

  14. These setbacks must be very hard for him AND you. But truly, in the Big Picture, it has been only 17 days since his injury--barely a moment in the grand scheme of things. Think of how much progress he has made! He's home, and eating, and playing and purring and making biscuits and exploring and figuring out a new way of being in his world. That's a LOT for 17 days!
    Perhaps for a time, he will need to be in a safe, predictable space (maybe Ms. Stella can join him there from time to time, since she seems the gentlest with him). I wonder if he might even be okay with some "playpen-type" arrangement somehow in the living room--where he can be in the room with the others, but they can't really get to him? Well, you have loads of time to figure things out. He is bound to get upset when unexpected & unpredictable things happen -- but I think in time he will come to understand that he is safe in his home, even if that Scary Mom accidentally touches him ;-) I think it's good he has UTB to retreat to & regroup. Everykitty needs a guaranteed safe hidey-hole. He probably had a good nappy under there. Love to all of you from Spitty and his Human

  15. We're purring for Ollie and hope he continues to improve. We agree with Spitty and his hasn't been that long since his accident and he has made progress. We're purring that he gets more of his sight back. Tell Ms. Stella to give Ollie a headbonk from us. :)

  16. So sorry it's so hard. We're sending over lots of love.

  17. Wes has been purraying for Ollie. Nellie has not been adapting well to losing the sight in one eye and we have to make sure we "announce" or we scares the heck out of her. I like Spitty's comment. I think I will find the "cage" we put Jo-Jo in to acclimatize her to our household and put her heating pad and food and litter in there when we are all in the living room in the evening. Good that you are doing art. Wish I was
    Nellie's Mommy


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