Thursday, February 27, 2014

A good day

Ollie had a good day today and he was really being affectionate this afternoon.  I think he does alright when he's not being hissed at or growled at from Scraps & Jack. 

I may have forgotten to mention that I did capture the Black & White boy cat (I call him 'You') and he was neutered during a Fix Nation February Love sale.  I have since found out where he lives now too. (NO, not here).  I noticed one of our Spanish neighbor mom's walking by and looking around (the way we do when we are looking for someone gone astray) I was able to speak with her daughter (who went to school with mine) in English and reassure them he was fine and would be home soon but without his 'frijoles'.  When they came into my house, the mom took one look at Miss Jack curled up on the couch and shouted 'Sylvestre!'  Poor Jack nearly had a stroke!  I laughed & said 'no no! that's MY cat Miss Jack.'There was no way I was going to explain the gender issue let alone that Miss Jack is a tubbie tuxie  and outweighs 'You' by at least 7 pounds!     The woman didn't even recognize it wasn't her own cat! So anyway; 'You' went back home that evening after his ordeal and he's been back here day & night since then.  I was miffed this morning as it was raining and he was out my back window yowling (now that he's figured out which window Ollie is in) covered in dew.  Makes me sad, but he's fixed and that's enough for now. 

In other news, Ms Scrappie has had to go on a sleepover at The Gurls.  With Ollie confined to my bedroom at night & during the day that has reduced the precious real estate for Jack, Stella & Scraps.  While I think there's plenty of room (and there really is), Ms Stella has increased her 'hunting' of poor Scraps and in the eve when it's bedtime in particular.  Last night there were two screaming matches. So presto, pronto Miss Scrapps will be at The Gurls (& her Dad's ) apt for the time being. 

Scraps will most likely be beside herself with joy (after the inital trauma of car and new space) as she had really bonded with the Dad.  When he left she her behaviour issues really started.  I never could convince him that she truly needed to be with him and I think he really missed her too but his own reasons he chose to leave her behind. I'm hopeful he will spend time with her there to ease her 'sleep over' vacation from us. 

I mailed out Mama Zuzu's CatNip Quilt finally (finished it last night- first time in weeks I was in sewing) and we hope she will love it over at Colehaus Cats.  We made it as a gift to welcome her 'home' after they announced her adoption.  She went thru so much with those niblets Ms. Stella said we had to do something for them. 

I am in process of designing a couple more 'clockwork' steampunk cats that I will auction off for Ollie as well as some regular home dec quilts.  

One paw in front of the other three,
That Woman 
Ms. Stella 
Miss Jack 
and in postcard form; Miss Scraps. 


  1. OMC! And there's the boy himself looking PDH (that's pretty damn happy)! You beautiful orange mancat you! The Human wishes she could scoop you up and bury her face in that tangerine goodness!

    To that, I say: YUCK. But I'm glad you seem to be feeling good, Ollie!

    Also, we were so distracted by thinking about Ollie yesterday we failed to notice that Ms. Stella is FURRING up OUR stuff! YAY x 100! I want a good, deep sniff of her beautiful scent and luscious furs! Roll away my darling--the longer the better XOXOXOXO

  2. Ollie is looking much better, and much happier! I hope that Scrappie enjoys her visit and everything is more peaceful for a while.

  3. Ollie really does look better. It's good to see him feeling better. That must make your heart feel good, too. We feel bad for You the cat and obviously appreciates the attention at your house if he came back after the indignity of neutering.

  4. Aw, sweet videos! He looks so cuddly and sweet!

  5. hang in ther usual...with NOE thanx ta de dee vize we iz sound on yur mewveez...
    hizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...anyway ma hoo hope everee one haza one fish two fish red fish blue fish kinda week oh end !!

  6. It's so good to see Ollie better and enjoying life a bit more! :)

  7. Aw, Ollie does look better there. So good to see.

  8. It is good to see Ollie enjoying his loving. I am keeping my purrs on full revs for him.

  9. #1 we are SOOO happy for Ollie feeling better. #2- O.M.C. she did not recognize HER OWN CAT? (*unmentionable words*)

  10. Its good to sees Ollie! And mes would LOVES to bes a only cat right now!! Mes and Jo-Jo fights allthe time!

  11. Oh Ollie. MUAH!!! and I hate that there are so many dramas going on and that poor Tuxie that you saved with his "nootering"...thank you!


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