Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What day is it?

We only ask cos it's been a few since That Woman has posted anything of note.  

THIS what she's blaming it on today...
(Eli say's to go back a page, he wasn't stopped reading Kozmo's latest adventure in China)
*you'll note she's got the force field up to protect the screen from errant paws of doom (and Ms. Stella's annoyance).  

But really she's just been under the weather since Furrday and is now feeling more alive.  She will return to work tomorrow & WE say it's about time!  Those treats don't buy themselves!


  1. Eliott, I hope you are passing on what you read to the others.

  2. I am glad she is feeling better, but maybe you need your own computer!

  3. your poor Mom!!

    My Mom totally understands because she was soooo sick with an awful cold last week. It is FINALLY going away!

    My Mom has done some pretty lame posts as a result.

    Tell your Mom to feel better soon!

  4. We're glad she is feeling better!

  5. Your poor Mommy! Me hopes that yous is taking good care of her! Did somebody makes her some chicken soup? That's what my Mommy does for peoples when they gets sick.

  6. Slap a paw across her backside and tell her to "get a move-on, woman". See if that helps motivate her. MOL!

  7. That force field is a hoot!
    Get better quickly <3

  8. We needs that cover for our computer. The kitten babies use our laptop as a stepping stone to there adventures and now the left hinge has busted right off. Srsly!!
    Hope your Mama feels better and better :)

    the critters in The Cottage xo


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