Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy Red, White and BOOM day!

I'm not unpatriotic...  It's just that I really hate fireworks!  I refuse to 'hide' in my own house so that leaves me free to roam from room to room growling and 'ruffing' and 'huffing' all damn day and nite long.   We haz tried closing up the house, we haz the gurl turn her music up loud (she loves that!) and leaving the a/c fan running.  All to no avail. so forgive me if I sound unpatriotic or something but I really hate this weekend of the year. The older I get; the more I am crabulated by it.  I'm currently so crabulated I'm horkin up a good one as we speak! Hold on...

Ugh; that's better...  Anywayz, where was I?  Oh ya:  That Woman's camera phone is so crappy she can't  capture the sounds of my discontent to share.  They are quite loud I assure you!  So, until round about Wednesday, after every juvenile boy has finally shot their wads run out of noise makers, I'm in self imposed lockdown (and so is everyone else!).  

Only nice thing about it is I'm here for lunches when sliced ham is served or even better at night when *que angelic music* chicken is served.  BTW; I can eat and growl at the same time.  Ya, cuz that's how I roll. 

I WOULD like to give a SHOUT OUT of HOOORRAYY! Mr. Pierro is home safe and sound and Miles is due to be released from prison  should be home this evening.   I can't tell you enough how relieved I am that both boyz are fine and all is well over at the Happy Place!  It was a real worry there and we waz purrrrayin our hearts out!  

Oh; and we can't wait to find out what jailhouse tattoo's the boyz got! We haz bets goin :)

Ms. Stella O'Houligan


  1. Miz Stella, I am SO with you on the boom issue. I nearly jumped outta my fur suit last night in my haste to repair to under the bed. I may grodle without being jiggled if this nonsense keeps up.
    btw, the juvenile boys in our neighborhood is a 60 year old man. What a idiot.
    xx Sylvester

    pee ess: we bet the Cattoos are of nekkid ladycats!

  2. greetings Missie Stellapants, Miles is home and he and I are going to have a loud party with snacks. Mom and dad and the friends are going to go and look at a panorama of displays far away up on the hill just up the street, so they come home quite fast after the noise stops but mom says we live in a pyromaniac neighborhood.
    I hope it is not too terrible for you. Music helps

  3. We were going to wish you a happy 4th of July, but perhaps we should just hope you get through it okay. LOL.

  4. Oh Ms. Stella, well at least there may be HAM involved...but do head under blankie or some other good place before all that madness starts. Hope it isn't too crazy! Happy 4th of July to your Humans!

  5. What a day for you, Miss Stella !
    May be you have to keep your thought with " Ham " I guess that's the best part : )

  6. "crabulated" love that word!!
    Don't worry Stella, it's almost all over!

  7. Miss Stella yesterday I put on a very quiet laser display because I also dislike those noises they are way too loud. The boomers should stop soon.

  8. We will neffurr catch up wif visiting, but sure ejoy your hahameowingly funny comments on our bloggie. Yes, Jaspers expression is just as cute as his toes, and Teri said she will try and make a video of Disco soon for Ms H...the steamier the better, right?!


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