Friday, July 08, 2011

Furry Friday Frickin HOT!

Ok; I give... turn off the hot

In other news:
Check out Mr. Brian and his lovely bevy of beauties enjoying their CatNip Quilt!

Sir Spitfire was lovin' his too!

I've still got three left for the reduced price of $25.00 which includes shipping!

Ms. Stella O'Houligan 


  1. WOW! Talk about highly recommended, those things are a NipFest waiting to happen!

  2. OOoohh, what do the three look like? Brian and Spitty and Admiral all seem to like theirs very much. I would like to try to talk my Mom into one if she likes the fabric.

  3. We don't like the hots either but today is sunny and 74 so we can handle that. We hope your hots get turned down too!

  4. We are beyond monsoon has started and it's STICKY, too.


  5. Stacy, thank you for visiting us and for your kind words for Whicky. He was a very special tuxie and we miss him so much

    Gerry, Oliver & The Apes

  6. We saw Brian's new quilt and thought it was fabulous!

    It's hot here too, though not as hot as you guys, we're sure. We hope you have a/c (we don't and it can get ugly in the house, trust us).

    Happy weekend!

  7. Summer is not my season but I am loving that photo. SOOOOOOOO cute.

  8. Aw, I hope you get some COOLS soon! But the quilt works well in both hot and cold weather ;-)

  9. I am with Simba, what is the fabric like?

    We are supposed to be in the 90s Sunday and Monday. I hate it!

  10. Hi Caren! Tried leaving comments on your blog but the email was returned three times!

    You can view the Nip Quilts left here:

    There's two like Mr. Brian's and the one of the sewing room cats.



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