Monday, July 11, 2011

Miss Jenga

So, when I'm not here oogling flutterbys

I'm here; dreaming of them

ppee; ssss;  That Woman leaves her sleeping spot like this on Sunday's just for me; she say's when she sees me here all snugglefied; she is nearly drawn in by the snugglyon particle field surrounding the immediate area.  But usually I get away with just a few worshipful kisses on my feets.  I can hang with that.


  1. MOL...Sweet worshipful kisses !!!
    I don't mind too : )

  2. Miss Jenga, you have a great snuggly spot! The mom makes her bed every day, though that's okay 'cause we tend to hang out in other spots in the house. :-)

  3. Have a funtastic day, gorgeous Jenga.

  4. That bed looks very comfy for a Sunday morning, Jenga.

  5. You have a Good Woman. Wanna trade?

  6. my Mom leaves the bed like that EVERY DAY lol. She is lazy.

    You know what is strange? Mom's first cat (Bobo) ALWAYS went in the bed to sleep.

    I NEVER do unless Mom is there!

  7. Jeez, our mom makes the bed all the time! How can we get her to stop??

  8. HA! @Island Cats; you'd have to get a lazy one. I don't know how to order them online. You couldz trick her by changing the numbers on the roundie thing.

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  9. Disco says he feels the pull of that snugglyon particle now, just gazing at your photo, Jenga...but don't tell Ms H...


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