Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Something you don't see everyday

A size comparison: Ms. Stella above (on the bed next to me the entire night!) needless to say I was in heaven.

Ms. Jengs

As the fireworks continued until 1am something very unusual happend in our home.
I became the 38th parallel
it seemed as long as I was in the middle; these two could actually lay with me (carefully pretending the other didn't exist) and be at peace.  It was a wonderful evening for me to be sure. 

I used the panorama thing on my camera phone to capture this incredibly rare photo

Miss Jengs couldn't have cared less about the fireworks but Ms. Stella continued to pace and growl everytime she would hear some (even when I couldn't hear them) utnil they stopped and she flopped down all worn out. 

Here they are in a shot that won't ever happen in reality;

but I can dream!


  1. I would love it if that together dream would come true too!

  2. They surprized you once maybe the dream will come true. I am always surprizing my Mom by changing my mind and if fireworks got them together on the bed it might happen.

  3. I think they both are brave, Me ? Under the bed !!!
    I hope you sleep so well later on : )

  4. Oh Ms. Stella! You are lean mean machine just like me!

    Do you know I never sleep ANYWHERE now but on my special quilt with my NAME on it??? The ladies who took care of me while the Human heartlessly abandoned me said they found me curled up on it just about every time they came to feed me!

  5. Oh we hated all those noisy fireworks too! And it was pretty cool to see the girls on the bed...even if it wasn't together.


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