Sunday, July 10, 2011

Snoozy Sunday

Ok; the heat is off (sort of) 
my woobie is comfie
and That Woman had the decency to turn off the blindness death ray to take a photo
So, it's dark
but it's good
just like me
enjoy the toes!

Here's one I'm particularly fond of; I was feeling very ebil and flew off like my tail was on fire right after this! 

hee; note all my whiskers standing out & the wicked slant on my eyes!  

I chased a few fattie cats round the lawn this day!  HAH!  it's good to be Queen!

Ms. Stella O'Houligan


  1. Sound you have a fun day Miss Stella, But you come so closed to me in da second photo till I can do nose kisses to you.
    Happy Sunday

  2. Ah Ms Stella..seeing you..reading your thoughts and getting your personal prospective is the best start ever to my day before I have a nap.

    xoxoxox your devoted admirer

  3. Haha! Ms. Stella, maybe those fattie cats won't be fatties if you keep chasing them around!

  4. YOU and our calico own the world. :-)

  5. Miz Stella, you must come over and train our daddy. He bought a new, BRIGHTER death ray for his camera. That money would have been better spent on treats. Or cat litter, for that matter.

  6. Hi Missie Stellapants, it is nice to see you -- being a bossy girl. Mom says boykitties are not bossy... hmmmm
    bonks for a happy day

  7. Ms. Stella! Y^ou are an ebil girl, an ebil ebil girl. But I like you!

  8. Ms H, Disco said he is sure he would lose some weight if you could chase him around the lawn, too...but Teri says she'd have to fly out too and be our chaperone, whatever that means, harumph!


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