Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Dragons are Here!

::um... tapity tap tap:"
(we dontz know the secreted code cos we dontz do the gardeny thing... )

The Reds have arrived

I encourage you to click the image below; this one is quite stunning whilst sunning!

  And finally, near the dark cool Cypress

 Now we wait...

For the Blues



  1. Don't you want to play with the dragons or eat them ?
    It's crunchy !!!

  2. Renee5:20 AM

    Wow, wish I could take some awesome pics of dragon flies!

  3. Those sure are interesting little dragons!

  4. Good catch with the photos. Do you manage to eat any of them? How delightfully crunchy.

  5. The Human finds dragonflies bee-yoo-ti-full, though when she was a little girl, her father told her that they'd sew up her ears if they came too close, MOL! He was the funneh guy!

    Me, I think they look deelishus!

    Ms. Stella, I found your comments today very exciting ;-)


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