Friday, July 08, 2011

Ssscchaterday sscchampler

Sccchhhrrrappy Cat here
When I get all purrrry (which takessch like 0 to .01 sschedonds) I am very droolie girl

But theressh  nothing I like better than making sschure I sschpread the love

Here I am workin up a big gob

Note the look on That Woman's fasche... Sscche's afraid I'll sscchake my head 
Ssche's thinkin ssche may need a ummmbrella

But I tellssh her... I sshay 'I alwasschh clean up after mysshelf!

OOhhh;  sschhallty!

Yup, I lovesschh me sschome Dat Woman!


  1. Drooling on the Mom is wonderful Sccchhhrrrappy Cat because it means that the love is overlowing. I get drooly too when reving up my purrs on my Mom.

  2. MOL..Miss Sccchhhrrrappy Cat !
    Your mommy is so lucky , you give her a bath..I don't think she need any bath after this ..Save the water ; )

  3. oh oh oh. such love..makes mommy close to leaky eyes. xoxox

  4. At my house, that's called "tenderizing". And not because it's a tender moment.
    heh heh.
    ~Bad Whitey

  5. Anonymous12:38 PM

    What sweet pictures. We can tells you reallly loves your mama. Hugs and nose kisses

  6. You are just as sweet as can be! We can tell you both love each other very, very much!

  7. Oooh, yuuccck! Drooling??? So undignified! The Human hadded a kitteh who drooled alla time. Me? Not a chance. She's lucky if I PURR!!!


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