Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I am NOT lost!

Even though That Woman has been so occupied that she's let MY blog just go to rot and ruin for seben-elebinty squillion years I am making her take dictation right this minute while she has two seconds between ninety other things she claims she needs to be doing right now.  First off; you might like to see a photo of me in case you forgot what I look like it's been sooooo long... 

Gods I'm cute!

Next, I am making do a quick post about what's going on even though she's *dog* tired and still not done with 'Senior Week' and final Graduation ceremonies of Our Gurl. Here is the two of them at The Gurl's Baccalaureate ceremony last Sunday. 

The 'formal' commencement is Thursday night.  

That Woman also attempted to sneak in her birthday on the 13th but we know it was her day & I gave her many headbutts that morning while she was still in bed! Something I NEVER do; so I'm sure she felt extra special.  

I must tell you though the day was saddened by the news that the beloved Miss Queen Cinnamon the Disapproving-est Bunn of all time had to go over the bridge. 
Our love, purrs and tears go out to her minions NBB & Shaz. 

Also; That Woman has been culling all the 'old paper' photos to make a special present for The Gurl.  She has found some real gems.. Like this for instance :
 Or this one; Here Ellen is holding 'Big Lu' the day this orphan arrived.   
'Big Lu' didn't start out so big!  She followed That Gurl everywhere.  

These are making That Woman get all gushy. "OH FER COD'S SAKE, get over yourself ya old woman!     And now it's eight pm and she has to get back to 'real work'. 

More later my dear, dear friends!  
The light at the end of the tunnel is not just filled with teeth and claws!  
Ms. Stella O'Houligan

PeeeeSS: That Woman here:  I want to thank everyone for their kind wishes and healing purrs!  My ears are almost all better now!  Thank you so much!



  1. What a busy week for you all! Your 'Woman' must be just exhausted - we're pretty sure that having her daughter graduate was a huge deal!! And then throw in a birthday on top of it all - that's a lot of happiness in 1 week!! We hope she had a great birthday, congrats to the grad, and it's good to see you, Miss Stella!!

  2. you and your daughter are soooo pretty!!!


  3. Oh Ms. Stella! You look mah-vellus!

    My Human just finished the Big Graduation Week with Class Day and Baccalaureate and Graduation and all that stuff, and do you know what? She has to do it all EVERY YEAR! OMC. You should hear the drama and complaining, MOL!

    Congratulations to ur Gurl! She's pretty darn cute ;-)

  4. We enjoyed meeting you today at our birthday party - please call in any time you are teleporting by for a nip sandwich and a nipitini
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Gods, u r cute! Congrats to your Gurl! Sweet pictures!


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