Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A short outing

In which we find Ms. Stellie being allowed to roam the house for the evening.  

Rest assured her guard was ever watchful that nothing untoward should befall Her. 

Ms. Stellie:  The heat is making me all fainty.  I think I'll just lie here in the sun (since you won't let me out) 
Yes my love, you cannot go outside with the owie foot still prone to infection and with  your cone on.

 You're looking at my poor footie again aren't you?
Yes Miss Stellie, I need to examine it to make sure it's not dirty or getting infected.
You COULD let ME look at it ya know!
 You could take off the cone so I coulds getz a good look (and a good cleaning) at it
Ms. Stellie, the Dr. did in fact say we could take the cone off provided you didn't go after your footie.  You may recall earlier today when we found you had gotten the cone off yourself you instantly were worrying your sore and it was bleeding.  I had to put the cone back on and secure it better.
If by 'secure it better' you mean choking the life out of me you succeeded!  

In this heat with this thing on it's just making me all sick and woozy... hold my paw. 
As you wish Ms. Stellie

Look at my naked leg, I look like some  grooming job gone hideously wrong!  In what fashion year were 'reverse legwarmers' ever a good look?   Honestly, how could you have let them do this to me?  You are supposed to be looking after my welfare.

Ms. Stellie, Dr. was rather more concerned that you be comfortable during the  surgical procedure. They took absolutely the best care possible of you and were quite sad to see you leave.  Dr. said you were the most well behaved and affectionate cat and he was quite enamored of you. 

Well of course he said that, you hadn't paid him yet! 

*gasp* Ms. Stella O'Houligan! You take that back! Dr. Horn does love you very much.  He said so. 

Whatever, and take that Ornj Menace with you, he follows me everywhere & I don't like it... much. 

Ollie is being protective of you, you know he is counting the days to when you are well so you two can play together again.  You know very well the other hissy bitc...girls don't like him.

Ollie: Um... Ms. Stellie?

 What?  I hear something, Damn the reception in this thing is just wrong! Ollie? Is that you? 
You're behind me again aren't you? 

 Um, yes Miss Stellie, just making sure you are ok on the table Miss Stellie.  That Woman is coming to get you down Miss Stellie.  Did you want to whap me Miss Stellie, you know, to take out your frustration I mean?    I'm right here. 

*sigh* No, not now.  Maybe later when I have more strength. 

Alright Miss Stellie, here She comes.  I'll see you tomorrow then.  Goodnight Miss Stellie. 

*ssmmpff  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*



  1. he he - so cute. Poor Miss Stella - those cone thingies look miserable to wear. I feel bad for you. But maybe the time will go fast and you'll be all better.

  2. Purrring to Miss Stella...

  3. Oh my darling hero. And your blog has MY mom smiling awfully big! How dare she when my hero is all hurty and fainty. Ollie? Please continue to watch and care for Ms Stella. I hope you don't mind Ms Stella, that TW repeated the conversation for us. That's what is making mommy smile so big. <3<3<3

  4. We think these conversations should be on the teevee or somefing--maybe you and That Woman should have you own show? (After you have rid yourself of The Conce of Shame, of course). I told the Human it was not nice to laff at a poor suffering creature, but she didn't seem to feel any guilt at all. Can you even imagine???

    We look forward to more Tales of Recovery. XOXOXOXOXO Miss Stellie, darling.

  5. Uh, YOUR and CONE. Honestly, it's so hard to find competent secretarial help.

  6. Purrs for quick healing Miss Stella.

  7. Oh Ms. Stella! We hope that cone comes off soon. What a pain! More than your toesies!

  8. Dear Ms Stella,
    Me is purraying that your foot gets better so yous can gets the cone off!


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