Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sunday report

Ms. Stella is approaching critical mass as the 'plastic thing' is still on and will remain so for another 3 days.  None of our conversations are re-printable at this time. (at least her side isn't) 

MS: *from the next room* I HEARD THAT!!  are you blogging in there?  Are you writing stuff on MY blog about ME without MY knowledge?

TW: lalalala-lala-la-la-la *whistle, whistle* la-la-la-laaaaaaaaaaa!

BUT, did that stop her from sneaking out to the backyard?  NO!  While my attention was diverted in the bathroom with a story I will share soon... SHE, with her cone on, managed to slide the invisible forcefield over, and then use her good paw to open the screen door~!  She is simply encourageable!!!  (obviously her guard was bought off with any number of tempations!)

As luck would have it she had only made it to the shady area she loves in the afternoons and was lying peacefully in the long, cool grass.  So I had to be the nasty warden and haul herself back inside and THIS time the door stayed locked~!

She rewarded me by continually banging her cone into the slider door as a way of 'knocking' I suppose and when I would tell her to stop she would only turn and mournfully yowl at me. Oh Stellie.   Soon my love. 



  1. You and your mom are so funny Stella. I sorry you has to wear that cone thing, but it won't be for much longer. Hopefully you will be all better and won't have to wear it ever again.

  2. Ms Stella, you are truly a cat among cats. I am purring hard that your foot will be all better soonest and that the cone can come off. But show mama where you hurt yourself so she can make that go away. xoxoxoxo always

  3. Ms. Stella, we give you lots of credit for putting up with that lamp shade for this long. But we love how you are keeping the pressure on the woman.

  4. Hang in there sweetie, it's almost over. Once that cone is gone we'll all do a happy dance with you!

  5. Stella, look at it this way; at least you prolly scare the pants offa the rest of the crew! We sure hope your liddle pawsie-wawsie is healing up good.
    (ugh. That was The Mommy there for that last soppy bit.)

  6. We hope your paw is healing up so you can get rid of that cone soon!

  7. Ms Stella,
    Me would make the swearing sounds too! Me thinks that yous should insist your Mommy supervise yous outside while yous sleeps in the cool grass!
    How awful she keeps you in!

  8. Poor Stella, we hopes this is all just a terrible memory soon!

  9. Oh my sweet darling! And you know what makes that cone even MORE humiliating??? It has a dumb BOW tied below it--insult to injury, Ms. Stella, insult to injury.

    My motto is: Revenge is a dish best served. . .often. Soon, darling, soon.


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