Tuesday, July 03, 2012


Good mews my kittee's!
That Woman will be at our beck and paw for six days straight!

SHE thinks she will be getting lots of art things done here's the insider's scoop: 
We plan on as much leg, lap, foot & body resting on her as possible. 
(here's Miss Jack gettin ready)
That Woman really becomes quite beligerent when she has spent too much time at 'the office' place.  She says getting away from all the 'hens' is such a relief! and she thinks sometimes that she is really more manlike as all the 'hen party' stuff gets on her nerves. She says it's mostly gossip and stuff about t.v. shows & celebrities.  She is not into any of that.
WE of course, ARE into celebs but we don't get much past the glam pets like GLOGIRLY,  MISS COCO, SIR  SPITTY and last but never least MS. PENELOPE and the Kozman. 
MMMMM, my motor is revved up and rarin to go Woman- pucker up!

p.s.  Mr. Oliver gotz an award & That Woman will be posting it up this week!  wooohoo!

Ms. Stella


  1. Well, know we love you and your welfare os first on our list, followed by your siblings and oh yes, That Woman and the Grrl.

    pee ess tell your mom that she and my mom share that trait that you just wrote of regarding her dislike of that sort of "entertainment" talk.

  2. Okay gang, make sure you find plenty for her to do!

  3. Good luck with that. Our mom has been on staycation and she has been busy doing stuff and not paying any attention to us!

  4. Woo-hoo fur staycation! Be sure and keep the woman on her toes! Happy Wednesday!

  5. Happy staycation!!

    Happy 4th efurryone!


  6. Well! Me knows ME is a celebrity, but Kozimoto?
    Has a great stay-cation running the woman ragged!

  7. I hope your Independence Day has been fun!!!
    Happy Staycation!

  8. *I* am a Glam Pet??? I don't think I've ever been so flattered in my LIFE. Wow.


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