Sunday, September 01, 2013

Carpet Cleaning Day

So after many, many moons of kids, teens, and now just me & the cat clan...
A friend gifted me a carpet cleaning for my living room & hall area.

The really GREAT news is that I am apparently on the committee to free all the lizards that have been entrapped in my house for who knows how long!

I am not kitten you when I say that so far I have found THREE 7 inchers (still living ) right UNDER my own rocking chair!

When I went to move another chair that is next to my oriental desk, under Ms. Stella's woobie ON TOP OF THE CHAIR was a darling little 6incher all curled up.  I must admit that when I gently cupped my hands around him he seemed rather perturbed at me.  After all, it is rather dusk and only now that it's cooled off a bit am I ready to get all this furniture moved out of the living room so that at 9am they can really get this carpet clean!  I would love to have it ripped out and have tile or fake wood put in but it's not my house after all.

So, I will let you know if and when I find more of The Ozman's toys lounging around.  The Ozman himself is unavailable for comment & won't be going outside till tomorrow morning when they show up.

Here's the Ozman now fleeing for his life now that the giant noisy is over. 

I can only guess he's thinking 'what in the hell-o kitty is she thinkin puttin all my stuffs out here?' 
'HEY!  COOL, now I don't gotta hide alla my lizardos in da house cos all this stuff is outside the house'

Ms. Scrapps is next to leave the sealed safe room

Ollie: "I bet I can haz lotta lizardos hidin in all dis stuff out here and them lizardos won't even know it when she takes 'em all back inside' (Smedley laugh)

Miss Jack Miss Jack Miss Jack... (that's how I call her; she didn't wanna come out) 

Ms. Stella checks out the new area rug.  She likes it, in fact, between her & Ollie that one corner is never vacant!
almost back to normal.  You can see the styro blocks under the furniture to prevent rust

something else for the Ozman to play with

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend! 
(It's Labor Day here in the States and we get to celebrate work by playing all day)


  1. I wish we had lizards in our house! A couple have managed to wander in over the 7 years we have lived here, but my human always takes them away from me. I can't go out and find them myself, like Oliver.

  2. No lizards in the house here lately but I do get some coming in through a crack at the corner of the screen door. YEA!

  3. Only THREE!?! Ollie, you are slipping...or maybe you have the rest stashed "elsewhere"?

  4. WOW, I'm impressed - your very own lizards right in your house. Wish I could have that, but for some reason my silly human is going ewwwwwww!

  5. Happy Labor Day! By the way, I'm now following along via Bloglovin and looking forward to visiting often. Meow.
    ~Vanessa and the Traveling Cats

  6. So you're living with leezards now too?!? What fun!!

  7. Lizards, huh. Well, I dunno. I think my Human might sell me on a street corner if I started bringin' lizardos in. Course, there really aren't any round here, so I don't guess it'll be much of a problem. Nice clean rugs! Doesn't somekitty feel a hairball-horking session coming on?

  8. We know it has been some time but we did want to tell you how very much we appreciate all the kinds words of compassion you left us for over the loss of our dearly beloved Abby. We are humbled by all the support and love we received and there is no way we can tell you how much it meant to us.

    Angel Abby & Family

  9. WE don't even know where to begin. A house full of lizards. We don't know what a lizard is, but we think we might like a house full of them to play with. Mommy says your carpet looks beautiful. she says if it was in hours, we would have that thing dirtied up again really super quick. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  10. I wish we had Lizzards in Sweden !
    Of Course doesnt my mom-person agree :(
    Looks furry nice after the carpet cleaning.

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