Saturday, September 07, 2013

A Caturday in the park

Ollie: "Lookie Scraps!  Dis my 'Regal' pose!  

*viewer note Scrappie's expression: "I don't like you therefore I refuse to accept your reality in my reality..."*

Ms. Stella can be heard off camera to the right commenting to Ollie:

"Was that the one you were practicing the other night?" 

Ollie:  "Stellie!  Dat wasn't my fault!  Dere was a giant beast with sharp pointy fangs and ..." 

Ms. Stella still off camera:  
"Giant beast? I heard from Ole Tomcat (The Spitty doppelganger) that it was a baby possum sniffin the tip of yer tail when you was lookin at mothra, then when you did see it finally it smiled at you and  Ole Tomcat said you totally freaked and that's when you fell in the pool backwards and he laughed so hard he nearly snorted the toona juice he was enjoyin!"

*viewer note Miss Scrappie oblivious reverie: "ooohhhhh,  lookie; dragonflies..."*
Ollie: "WHAT? That's a lie!  None of youz guys was there & so you don't know nuffing"

Ms. Stella: "You callin me a liar boy?  You get yerself over ta here and you tells me what then really happened and I might consider not shipping you 
off to the Cirque Du Soliel for their water show"

*viewer note Miss Scrappie: "who is that ornj cat over there?.."

Ollie: "Well, here I am, so what?"
Ms. Stella: "Um, not quite Mr. Marblehead, come over here, I don't want Scraps listening in and trying to peddle her 'woo-woo' nonsense on me."

Ollie: "Oh fine... here; (flops down hard on the grass) happy now?"
Ms. Stella: "That's better.  You know Ollie?"
Ollie: "What Ms. Stellie?"
Ms. Stella: "I'm feeling all woozy." 
Ollie: "Really Ms. Stellie, you want me to get you Mom?"
Ms. Stella:  "As a matter of fact, I just feel like something's stuck in my throat." 
Ollie: "Oh my gosh, Are you ok? What can I do?"
Ms. Stella: "I could really use a sip of water..."
Ollie: "she can be so mean..." 

Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. MOL! Ollie is not going to live that down for a LONG time!

  2. We hope you have a great Sunday too!

  3. Poor Ollie! We admit, we LAFFED and LAFFED.

    Ms Scrappie Cat is secretly amused, we bet!

  4. MOL! Ollie, you're just lucky there's no photographic evidence of that!

  5. Teasing you Ollie with regards to your midnight swim isn't very nice. But we'd be tempted to do the same thing if we lived with you. It was so, so funny. MOL! Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  6. Are you sure it's only a doppelganger? Really? Cause you might be surprised some day. Just sayin'.

  7. Poor poor Ollie !
    I didn''t laugh at all , but my evil mom-person sure did !

  8. Anonymous7:25 PM

    aiieee! no kidding??? in the pool????


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