Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Heya Hepcats.  Blogger is not cooperating with us lately.  We have many posts from That Womans phone that appear to be 'saving' but then never allow access from either the laptop or the phone to publish.  In addition we are unable to delete  them.  WTP? 

What does this mean? Well for one thing- That Woman has to email the photos to herself and then post blogs. This is not convenient.  (also her smartphone seems to have developed a  sense of humour and asks her things like *talking to yourself again?*) we can vouch that she does in fact, do that: but still...the implied sentience is disturbing even for us.

The only upside is that she's not in our faces (auto correct inserted the word feces MOL!) alla time with the bloody camera!  Uninterrupted naptime is bliss...

Well... except this time of course. 

A quick scan of facebook has lots of our dearest feeling under the bed... (well SHE says 'weather' but since we are cats I think UTB is more accurate) so we have all our motors on high. 
Ms Stella O Houligan


  1. Stupid blogger - I hope it gets worked out so posting isn't so much trouble!

  2. Blogger has been a giant pain in my bum lately, too. If it's not the thing it does with photos, it's disappearing log in points. Or service unavailables. I think Google has forgotten its promise about not being evil.

  3. blogger bee crazed ona pea sea two guys.....we can post, we canna post, we can see stuff two day frum yesterday, we can see stuff frum yesterday two morrow, we can log in.....we canna log in....we getz a errorz message...we dont getz an errorz message......we knead a nap...we will take a nap

  4. Blogger has been driving me nuts too. It keeps eating my comments so now I am copying them all before I post...just in case.

  5. We aren't Blogger users, but we think that each platform has its quirks (read: serious annoyances). We hope the kinks work out for you!

  6. We don't know much about Blogger...but we hear it can be a real booger. No auto-correct there!

  7. That's why wes left Blogger!
    And Stella, yous looks mavelous dahling!


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