Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Ms Stellie's new fudz

A couple nights ago,  Ms. Stella and me were kickin back in bed; she lays next to me (on my left) and just within scritchin distance. 
I play candy crush on my phone till I run out of lives just before lights out.  
All the sudden I hear some serious noises!  Not from my phone, I play with the sound off; I'd rather hear all my kitties purrrrrrin n the bed before sleep.   At first I thought it was my own stomach gurgling but alas, it was coming from Ms. Stellie!  It was SO loud.   Later the next morning she had runny sort of explosive poops, ick.  Next night, same deal.  So without waiting another day I went off to Petco and bought some new food for just her.  I know she loves her 'meaty bits' by Friskies but something must be just not right for her erm..mature constituion.  Other kitties all fine.  So after consulting Miss Teri about Mr. No Fur No's IBD (irritable bowel disorder) I settled on getting her some of the Instinct's Rabbit (limited ingredient) meal formula.  I also got some wet food cans - That are holy gods kinda pricey at nearly $2.00 for that tiny can! But nothings too good for the ol bat.
You can tell she's pleased. 
So far we are both sleeping quietly again and no more icky poops!
Oh, and cosequin?  She sits patiently until I open one and put it on her food, then she meticulously licks it all off first, then eats the food underneath! MOL
As opposed to Ollie who gets on the counter, practically head butts the can out of my hands in the morning before I can even open it and he has wound up with food on his head for not waiting for me to put in the dish! Boyz! 


  1. We hope this new food works well for you. Nobody wants the ickies.

  2. We're glad it helped with the ickies. How does she like that canned food? We didn't like it the first time we tried it, but we hear we may be trying it again.

  3. I am glad you like your new food Ms Stella, and that there are no more explosions!

  4. Maybe it was a little temporary virus? Glad you're feeling better Ms. Stella!

  5. We hope the new food works for Ms. Stella.

  6. I hope that food does the trick sweet girl.

  7. My human buys those expensive little cans for Binga and Boodie. I have shunned them in the past, so she won't give them to me. She says it's not worth wasting the money!

  8. Jo-Jo is a walking meowing eating machine! Mes has NEVER EVER seen a cat that eats as much as her! Not even Kozmo!!!! And she eats anything...she even likes the dog food. Me is a totally picky eater. But today, Mommy sprinkled some smoked salmon on my supper tonight!!! Yummy!

  9. my cat has that too, and has been good on the prescription I/D
    it is that price for a six ounce can


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