Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mancat Monday

This is our other visitor.

A giant male Siamese who is a bit cross eyed. 
The flash didn't seem to distract him at all from his nippy toy.  
Normally a ghost, the second he hears or sees a human he's gone! 
But what to my wondering eyes should happen tonight?  After watering the back and letting the kids out for a bit;  I see a cat out of the corner of my eye playing with one of our toys.  I turn to look and am astonished that its this kitty!  

He sorta gave me a cursory 'nose in the air sniff' when I said 'heeey?'  and he didn't quite flash flee outta here when I got up and (sneakily crawled behind my couch so he wouldn't see me coming with my camera) snuck the last shot of him leaving. 

What was very funny is that as he skeedaddled out the back he ran headlong into little miss Hissy Pants Grey stripey girl whom I haven't seen in a few days.  I think his vision must be pretty bad and was surprised given cats sense of smell that he would actually run into another cat.  Course she was all hissy till I slid a dish with leftover foods in it for her.  

Here I was worried about my cats & found them all snuggled on my bed in the fresh from the dryer laundry.  



  1. We had a big Siamese intruder around here too! Fortunately not inside, because I would not have stood for that. My human saw stalking the office windows and huffing and wondered what was up - it was that intruder! I showed him.

  2. Oh, no! Hissy is right!

  3. OMC! How many introoders have you got?

  4. That introoder has got some powerful lasers!

  5. You sure have a lot of introoders! We would not like that one bit. Did he drool on your toys?

  6. MY goodness...what have I missed? How did he do that?

  7. The cat across the street comes over to visit. She lloks just like Jo-Jo except she is scared of me, but Jo-Jo is not. That's how mes can tell them apart.

  8. What are you running? Some sort of Cat Hostel?

  9. Fresh from the dryer laundry is always a big draw at our house. Glad that was keeping the kitties at your house safe from the interloper. Have a great week. Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  10. Woah! Maybe you need to get a new door? Or a window repair guy or something? You must have the coolest house on the block to have all these visitors! -Crepes.

  11. It must be fun to have visitor cats! Ms. Stella? I likes me a little dairy once in a while too. Actually, I'd like it a little more often, but the Human says that sometimes it gives me what her mother used to euphemistically call "the trots" so she's pretty stingy with the milk. Sigh.


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