Friday, January 24, 2014

We interrupt your nightly schedule

So kitties;
what happens at night is that we wait for Her to get done in her "no-no get off that fabric!" room see.  Then sometimes we get treats while she eats her dinner and we all bathe and hang out in the living room while she does quiet sewing with just her hands.    

After a while she gets up and goes into bed.  We know it's time so we all gets up and goes in there too. 

Except the last two times; she's locked us out!  
I mean; WTC?  (what the cod) is she thinkin?  
And we had to stay out all the whole night!  
When asked she said she can't sleep at night sometimes & 
tosses and turns (don't WE know THAT it really messes up our sleeps)
and so if there's no kitties on the bed she said she slept a little better.

The nerve!

So tonight we fixed her we did; long before she came in to go to bed; check it out! 

we is already there!  We tricked her!  HA!!  We knows she won't kick us off cos everyone knows it's waaaay bad luck to move a sleeping kitty.  

Only scraps wasn't on the bed yet but she was hiding under the kitchen table.  I know cos I chased her there earlier and got the squirted gun for my trouble 
(but it was totally worth it cos she screamolined to the rafters! )

Looks like SHE has to sleep on the couch tonight!  

Ms. Stella 


  1. Just more proof that kitties are too smart for humans!

  2. MOL, that's the way to do it! Can't fool you twice!

  3. GASP! She locked you out?? How rude! Well, you totally showed her who is the smartest cat in the house.

  4. WTC is right! Better sleep without cats? Who cares? This is a brilliant plan!

  5. MY mom said SHE sleeps better without ME too! The nerve and the rudeness is incomprehensible. BUT she hasn't the nerve to lock me out.

  6. MOL! That was very smart of you all.

  7. She locked you out?? That is so wrong. We're glad you thwarted that move!

  8. Oh, That Woman deserves every. Single. sleepless moment...locking the door!!!

    As IF.

  9. What!?! LOCKED yous out!?! The nerve! Wes is lucky, the hairy slobbery sisters puts up a real ruckass whenever the pawrents has tried to does that.

  10. Locked you out? What was she thinking? We love that you outsmarted her!

  11. You are very smart kitties. Our humans cannot shut us out of the bedroom at night 'cause we will sit and holler and scratch at the door and with eight of us, we can take shifts and keep it up all night! They have to put up with a minimum of five of us in bed every night!. And we all like to sleep horizontally. MOL. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  12. Now THAT's showing her who's Boss. WORD.


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