Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ms. Stella Resting up

So intrepid explorers, Ms. Stella survived the car ride of doom and there was footage but I didn't feel it very nice to given that on the way there she vomited in the box and on the way home in the nice clean box and towel she pooped poor thing.  It was pretty horrible.  

When we got home it was straight into the bathroom for a quick wash up and then she was released to the rest of the house.  (I did want to spare her the indignity of having to clean herself up in front of all the others) She is a very senior kitty and I now must start really giving her more quarter in that.  

Here she is this morning napping away on her favorite woobie.  She's mad that she is no longer allowed to go outside but I just have to say 'tough kitty' to that.  I know very well she's made it for 18 years coming and going but that time is over. 

Doctor says she mostly likely has tendinitis and that is exacerbated by her age.  Now I don't want y'all to feel all sad or anything, just last night she was rippin through the house after the Ornj goon! Her tail was straight up and so was Ollies.  They are too adorable together.  When she's had enough she lets him know.  (course then he runs after Jenga or Miss Jack and THEY are not amused) MOL!

Waiting for Glyco Flex Treats (not very patiently)
I think she thinks if she keeps an eye on that camera there won't be photos.  HAAHHAHhahahahahah!

At the vets, showing NO signs of limping!  Such. A. Brat! 

me 'n her
She purrs so much that under the written report where they put 'Respiratory' notes it just say's 'purring'.  LOL
Thanks for all your well wishes & Ms. Stella will have some things to say about the whole experience I'm certain, after she's rested up I'm sure she'll have some pages for me to transcribe.  

Happy Caturday!


  1. Poor Stella, pukin and poopin is NO way to spend a car ride...howling is a MUCH better choice!

    Good thing Ollie is there to keep her young...heh heh. What kind of treats does she get?

    1. Ms. Stella gets Glyco Flex III treats. They are availale thru Amazon. She LOVES them (thankfully). The link is here:

  2. Awww, we have to say poor Stella too. Definitely the car ride of doom. Gees, getting old sure isn't for the faint of heart, no matter what species! Purrs to her from us!

  3. What an experience in the car, poor Stellie. It sounds like you don't mind the vet much, but hate the car. Respiratory: purring: we luvs it!

  4. I think Stella is doing quite well for 18! My roomie Binga is only 12-1/2, but I'm sure she will be just as spry as Stella when she is that age.

  5. I am sure glad you are doing some better sweetie. We are all sending you a big bunch of extra purrs...just in case! Now, rest up!

  6. Oh, we're so glad she's home and resting comfortably.

  7. Well! Me is furry happy that Ms Stella is felling better! And so nice to clean her up! Mes would appreciate that too! Me will be 15 this year and me too can give Kozmo a run for his mpney when me feels like it!

  8. That is purry good news for today. So happy she's doing as well as she is.

  9. Great news! She looks amazing, too. Our Mommy has always had a soft spot for Miss Stella. Now, we realize it is because we see so much of our Angel Princess in her. XOXOXO

  10. Ms. Stella, we hope you feel better soon. We're sorry you can't go outside...but remember, you're not as young as you used to be. :)

  11. It is nice to read that she is playing and purring! I am sending her some purrs too!

  12. Oh Ms. Stella! My Human has been unreliable in helping me visit and somehow I missed the traumatic indignity of your being dragged to the Stabby Place. Well, shoot! I'm sorry you had a messy ride of it, but that Woman *was* nice to help get you all cleaned up and fresh-smelling ;-) Now, I know it might be a little irritating not to be allowed out, but believe me, there's plenty'o'fun to be had inside your furry own home and I am sure you will find every bit of it. Chasing your brofur is a great start! I can't wait to hear from YOU about your adventures XOXOXO

  13. Ms Stella, my Hero. You showed EVERYONE who is in charge! I am proud of you, as I am each day! I don't know anyone else who can do all that you do i.e. run the household, train your juniors there and instruct your mom. You are a ladycat extraordiaire.

    You are charge and don't anyone forget it! You can do this from the comfort of your livingroom or on your woobie. No need to be outside.

    XXXOOO Kisses and hugs and snuggles from your admirer, Katie.

  14. Ms. Stella, I'm so glad that you are home and cozy. You are an inspiration to the rest of us.

  15. Hi sweetie, Just dropping by to send you a little hissy-nibble-bitey-chirrup as I know you could use it. Just curl that little paw and demand treats whenever you like. She OWES you. XOXOXO

  16. Well it sounds as though your reign is still secure Ms. Stella! Good idea about staying indoors at your ripe ole age. Not to be macabre but my sister's six year old dog was taken by the coyotes recently. She is in San Diego.

    the critters in the cottage xo


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