Thursday, April 11, 2013

Happiness Is:

Update 01600 hours. Stella is home and resting. She was sent home with anti inflammatory pills and she was told *No more sneaking out at her age* to which I replied "She is grounded now given her age and recent joint pains. " Ms. Stella will issue a statement later this evening after she cleans off my blood from her furrs and is more presentable. TW
UPDATE: 014:00 HOURS... at 013:00 hours Ms. Stella will endure the ride to the Vet.  We'll keep you posted!

A Three Layer Cat Cake 

Having the Pink squooshie robe all to yourself 
(and it's toe-spreading deliciousness)

 and then of course this is self explanatory
Ms Stella has been heavily favoring that right paw.  She will put weight on it but mostly keeps it tucked up.  I have started to give her Glyco-Flex III treats.
If she doesn't get better she may have to endure the *gulp*
car ride of doom


  1. Paws crossed that Stella gets better without needing the doomy car ride!

  2. Happiness is that totally pawsome cat tree! Wow!

    Purrs for Stella that she does NOT have to endure the "car ride of doom." Or that the human has to endure it either!

  3. Yes, I agree!
    Have a nice weekend!

  4. stella...heerez hopin a few days off yur toes sew ya canna jump N leep, will help N that nastee arthur eye tiss iz knot tryin ta pay a visit...

    hope everee one haza grate week oh end !

  5. Well hope no car ride is necessary too! You all look ready for the weekend,

  6. Oh, we hope that paw gets a lot better.

  7. I'd like a taste of all three layers please...

  8. Ollie! Your toes look as though they have been dipped in icing sugar! So sweet! Ms. Stella, we hope you favour that paw soon or the outcome looks grim :(

    the critters in the cottage xo

  9. Oh no, Ms. Stella! We sure hope your paw is okay.

  10. Hope you're okay Ms Stella!!

  11. Me is glad My bestest Grrl Friend is feeling better and is home! Me thinks that going outside and playing tag with Spitty can cause issues!


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