Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Oh No She Di-ent!!

I don't know about you kitteh's
But I don't like change too much
That Woman has been overcome by some manic desire to suddenly take MY whole house
and turn it upside down & inside out!!!
On top of THAT nightmare she can't even make up her MIND!
(which only gives further evidence that she's lost hers)

Here's part of my living room, this photo was taken from MY chair (you know, the one she FINALLY had new cushions for my old self to enjoy)
well, off went she & The Gurl and when they came back again That Woman did this!


What in the H.e.l.l.o. kitty is THAT?  Some kind of grunge, tin can alley color on MY wall!  
THEN... (note how my napping shelves have been sort of s.l.i.d. over to the side?? WELL!!!)

The VERY NEXT MORNING I got up late and came out to THIS!!!

That psychotic Banshee of git completely repainted the entire wall again!!!

Youz can kinda see it's a dark purple color
AND the bookcase  my afternoon napping shelves are GONE!
That's right!  In it's place she put some el fake-o tree!!!  And if you look just to the right of that, there's an El Fake-o CAT! AS IF we need another one of them! **I will say that it was HEElarryous when the Ornj Mutant came a running in the other day & noticed it sitting there, he just FROZE SIDEWAYZ!!! MOL!!! He was all stiff and pouffy and was moving like the 6 Million Dollar Cat!!! All slo-mo and his nose was goin' like mad but nothing else was moving!!!-- Now kittehs, I tell you, I laughed till I started hackin up Nip outta my nose!  I was sittin on the chair watchin this whole thing and That Woman saw me gettin' all pouncy like I was gonna charge at him from behind and REALLY give 'em a fright & then she YELLED at me!  By then the spell was broked & Ollie ran off in search of poor Miss Jack to chase around.  But I still was laffin to myself later that night every time I remembered him all pouffed out by some silly wooded kitteh... But back to my dilemma....

What is a kitteh to do? 
 Well I'll tell ya,
I gave her the ole lazers on high! 
The only thing I DO like about this change is that she put the Doofus' Cat Tree in a corner so now when
he hauls up all 14 lbs of hisself at high speed it doesn't rock back and forth and give us all heart palpitations.
If y'all want I can have her post the rest of the atrocities she's committed lately but really,
it would prolly just put you off your kibble.
And THAT is saying something!

All disheveled in The OC


(and you thought I was all lazer eyed at That Spitty Cat didn't you?) 
I'll be dealing with that trifling annoyance later...


  1. You know what? I kind of like that eggplant color - but taking away the shelves, now, THAT was not right! Either the humans need to put them BACK, or install better ones for you!

  2. Wow, those are BIG changes, Stella. Methinks no fair taking away your shelves.

  3. Oh, for the love of.... What is it with Moms?? They can't help themselves. It's tragic really. Maybe we should start slipping some of the primo nip in their food when they aren't looking...

  4. Does your Mommy wants to come over and paints our house?

  5. Holy mackerel, your mom sounds like mine! Once at the old house she painted the same wall FOUR TIMES in FOUR DIFFERENT COLORS in THREE DAYS until she finally left it alone. Thankfully she's too lazy to do that much any more and at least she never got rid of stuff on us.

    Oh, and about that new tree? You can really get the bitey on those fake leaves. Ours looks like winter all along the bottom.

    (Oh, and my mom loves the color.)

  6. stella...wuz that a


    on yur nappin shelves we viewed in case file one

    AND two



  7. Yikes! The only change I like is one that doesn't happen! I can't believe your shelves are gone!

  8. Let's face it Stella! Your Mama is as kookie as ours! Ours paints walls and moves things around at whim!! Maybe they did too much catnip as youngsters? Who can say for sure?!! Our Mama says both colours look bootiful but the purplicious colour suits the room nicely :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  9. When will the humans learn, Ms. Stella...US CATS DON'T LIKE CHANGE!! It's not that hard of a concept. Sheesh!

  10. The horror! Though I bet you look nice against purple...

  11. I liked that blue.
    It's too bad she moved your shelves.
    You have lots of stars, don't you?

    There. I don't think I said a single thing to get myself in any more trouble. ::backing away with eyes downcast::

  12. MY HERO! Where will we all go then when we come over for sleepovers? The napping shelves were your extra bedroom(s)!!! Where will *I* sleep when I come to learn at your beautiful Torbie knee?

    You may need to tighten your grip on the household Ms Stella. They have, after all, your only guidance and you have far to go each day re-directing them.

    My mommy said she really does love the new look,color and all and she speaks from a human viewing, poor thing. She said she hopes you DO put in more pics. As for me, I feel our pain and the Ornj Mutant..I so wish you hadda picture of that!

  13. Auto correct makes mommy and me sad. VIEW point, not viewing. And I feel YOUR pain, not our. Sigh. XXXOOO

  14. We feel your pain, M.S. as we, too, don't get to go in our 2 favorite rooms when paying guests are here! Then we have to stay out of their for a few days more after they leave til Teri cleans and disinfects everything. Sigh...we thought this was our Castle!

    Teri said that the orthopedic vets that did Coco's knee surgery recommend Glyco-Flex III Chews for cats. That is what Coco takes for her joints and Brighton also takes it for his bladder inflammation.


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