Tuesday, May 24, 2011

In Which Ms. Stella has the night off

Good Evening! 
Miss Jenga here.  I'm in the sewing room with Her helping.  Apparently Ms. Stella is indisposed getting the rat outta Her bedroom from under the nightstand.  

While She has been super busy making NINE CatNip quilts in two days! 
One for each of my lives! 

Here is me sitting on the 'stack' of them.  

These don't have the nip in 'em yet.  But the one I'm lookin at???
OOOoohh  YAAAAaaaaaahhhh  BABY!!

She's still got two more to quilt tonight so I'll let her get back to work. 
We'll be visiting all around soon. 

We wish best fishes & better health to Mr. Puddy's mum who is under the weather.

And Ms. Stella sends her best to her 'sistah' Ms. Admiral and encourages her to come out from under the pillow & eat hearty! 

Peace Out kittens!  
Miss J



  1. Miss Jenga, I have done just as you commanded and I'm glad that you and Ms Stella are my best furriends. I had a good breakfast and I ate two cans of wet food yesterday! Momma is proud of me. xoxoxox

  2. Hey, Miss Admiral got your message, bravo! Have fun quilt testing!!!

  3. Hellobonkgreetings Missie Jenga
    You are a great helper, you must be getting Tootorials from the internets or something.
    The kitty quilts are looking amazing as usual.
    bonks for a happy day

  4. Hello Miss Jenga, I am pleased to know that you maintain such impeccable quality control over there. It's a tough job but SOMEKITTY's gotta do it, right?

  5. Ha..Ha..Miss Jenga, Who got that quit must be very lucky cat in the wild world...NIP QUILT PLUS MISS JENGA'S SMELL : )

    Thank you for wish best fishes for my mom, She laugh and cough a lots : )

  6. My mean mommy did NOT get me here in time to see this! Mean mean mommy!!! Fanks you Miss Jenga. You look very round and feminine yourself!


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