Saturday, August 11, 2012

Caturday Silliness

Since the kittysitter was resting, 

That Woman was called into action  by the Great Grey Menace
PPffffTTTTtt!!  I have your feets!

now you must bring me

the ornj flyee thing!

 yes; dis da one; now make it GO

 OOOOO I haz dat ting!

  dis some good toe diggin action!

i tryump's again!

 hoookay; pant pant pant,  gimme a sec...
 it's really hot in here?  are YOU hot???

 for Cod's sake turn on the a/c Mom!

 TW:  It IS on you goof.  
You is too plushie for your own good! 

 Let's take a break ... what do you think?

"ooooo, did beryy nice n'coolll on my middle section..." 

 HEY!  Who is THAT good lookin mancubcat?  

 TW:  Oh dear, another Drama Club Cat
Clyde, you go take a nap now.  I've got CatNip quilts to make! 

Whatever, I'm hangin here to stare at that Studcat somemore, mabee he will come over and hang out wif me!


  1. He WILL come hang out wif you! Guaron-tee!


  2. Mom loves pictures of kitties looking at the computer pictures of kitties!

  3. We sure wish we were bebbeh girl kittehs so we could have CRUSHES on Clyde!

    XX The old gals.

  4. I think you might need a nap Clyde, that was lots of fun though!

  5. We just biggified the picture of the kittysitter and realized it was Ollie! Had thought it was one of the ladycats.

  6. Oh Clyde! You're a crazy one, aren't you??!?

  7. Yo! Clyde! You are really working your stuff! Keep the woman happy and your life will be marvelous!
    Kozmo at the Cat From Hell

  8. A mancubcat's job is never done!

  9. Clyde, we think you should have a play date with Malou and Levon. Then you could really re-decorate your house. Your Mama would LOVE that. For sure! And theh she could get her quilts completed while all of you decorate :p

    the critters in the cottage xo

  10. Anonymous2:57 PM

    That is an interesting force sheild over the computer screen!


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