Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Oh but when it rains...

Doesn't it just pour?

My beloved Ollie was found like this a week ago:
sound asleep in the bag
 which isn't like him at all.

So upon closer inspection I could tell the left side of his face looked a lot bigger than the right! 
OMCats! *worry, worry, fret, fret*
after staying up all night watching him I finally fell asleep for an hour only to wake up and find him in the living room, on the floor rolling around chriping and happy & not swollen anywhere.


Naturally, he went to the vets.  After many tests, a poke & prod here and there he was uncerimoniously returned to me and I was informed me was the picture of health.  At just 12 months old he weighs in at 11 pounds.  Teeth, gums, coat; everything fine.  No lumps, no  bumps, no fleas, nothing out of the ordinary.  He was sent home with clavamox drops to fight any possible internal infection just to be safe.

Couple days later he started perking up, wasn't sleeping all day and even had a paw whapping good time with Clyde his little buddie.

Then, Friday night,

 back in the bag, and same side all swolled up.
Again, I stayed up with him all night (with tears in my eyes at his obvious discomfort and my utter helplessness)  I did have some pain meds that I adminstered and he drifted off to la-la land but stayed in his bag.

Next morning: right as rain
a small hard bump left where the swollen area was. 
This time I called the vet rather than commit another *gulp 500* to the cause.
The vet said he didn't honestly know.  He felt it was a gland or lymph node reaction to something. I think it may be the new treats I gave them.  They are the Natural Balance Rabbit. 
Ollie wasn't taken much with them but he did eat them.
Now we are undergoing a scientific experiment

It was Friday night when he last had a reaction & I'm pretty sure I had given the rabbit treats that eve. as opposed to the Salmon Temptations. 

Per Dr.'s orders I am to wait a few days and give him a rabbit treat and see what happens.
I hate to do it; given that he will get all swollen again, but Dr. is right (and so is Missy Teri) that it's better to know for sure even if it means a little discomfort. (and I still have a couple syringes of pain meds)

In other Drug Related news:

Here is  Ms. Stella,
this should serve as a warning to bb kitteh's everywhere, when you hit the ol' valarian bag
you may find yourself on some fringe of the carpet with a piece of cardboard as your only friend. 

I don't think Clyde was paying attention:
note the position of his paws (as if he's the victim of a hold up in his sleeps)
and the closeness of the valarian bag.

I think some kitty re-hab may be in order here. 


  1. Poor Ollie but yes, you have to know. Bless him.

    Ms Stella O' Houligan, I love you.

  2. Purrs to Ollie. Actually, if that's it, the new treats, at least you'll know and he won't experience this again. But since he's healthy otherwise and this is the only new thing you've introduced, it seems the likely culprit, whether the rabbit or some other ingredient in them that he doesn't get elsewhere.

    BTW, I used to give Annie and Chum Natural Balance, and tried the same with the boys when they were adopted. Both Nicki and Derry had bad reactions to it at the time (it was kibble, Nicki would have diarrhea and Derry would throw up) and when I stopped feeding it, they were fine. I think pet food companies "tweak" their formulas and recipes from time to time, and that certainly can cause a lot of upset and necessitate changes in food. :-/

  3. Me sending my furry best purrs fur Ollie, and a warm comfurting purr fur hims mommy too. Is so hard to worry.

  4. I sure hope you get it all figured out. We send our very best purrs to Ollie. Howdy Ms Stella!

  5. Poor Ollie Lolly!! We hope it's the treats on account that would be an easy fix!!Keep us posted :)
    Clyde, you'd better get off that valerian ride before you get yourself into some deep gangsta trouble!!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  6. Poor Ollie! We hope you discover it is this, and then he'll never have to suffer again.

    Stella is looking furry cute!

  7. Poor Ollie! I sleep like that too sometimes.

    Hey Clyde cause of you - Mom is calling me Mr Plushyman!

  8. Aw, poor Ollie. We hope it is the treats...then it can be easily fixed!!

  9. Purrs fur Ollie (and you). Poor baby just might be allergic. Best to find out. Miss Stella, on the other paw, looks like she need an intervention! MOL!

  10. poor Ollie! Kozmo was the same, but it was a wasp bite! And Stella, that valarian will gets yous (and Clyde) everytime.
    PS is Clyde old enough to be hitting the valarian?

  11. Is there any chance there is/was something int he BAG affecting Ollie?

    Those other two and the valerian- cracks us up!

  12. You know something Nellie, you may have something there. We have a wasp nest that I haven't gotten down yet *gulp* and he may have gotten out and went after one. He LOVES to chase anything that flies. Those can be really painful. Glad I could give him the painkillers. I stepped on one barefoot once. It was horrible, for weeks!

    That Woman

  13. Maybe it was a wasp bite. That would make him swell up like crazy. Anyway, we sure are sending tons of purrs to you Ollie and hope what ever doesn't come back. That does not sound like fun. Have a great day.

  14. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Five hundy, just for the vet to effectively shrug their shoulders?

    :: faint ::

  15. Awww, poor sweet darling Boy! I feels so sorry for you and hope your little face is all done with the problems!! Poor you. Poor Mommy! So much worry and stress!

    You kitties deserve a good long time PURRFECT HEALTH for all the kittehs and peoples too! XOXOXOX

  16. Anonymous10:06 PM

    Oh my cat! ...wringing paws...worried...let us know ASAP about the experiment! And, I haven't tried valerian...just nip and silver one...I don't care for either. Maybe the valerian would be different ?? Thanks paw pats Savannah


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