Monday, August 06, 2012

Monday News~

Well, it's Monday!
That means that at midnight tonight Ms. Stellie's Footie Fix Auction ends
And my work begins! MOL!  

I can't express properly the gratitude  I feel for each and every person, cat, dog & 'other' who has donated to Ms. Stellie.  

I have been busy making Thank You notes, CatNip Quilts, CatNip birds, and various other projects for those who opened their hearts and pocketbooks for us.  
In other news:
Here are the boyz
being goofs, just look at how giant Ollie is compared to Clyde!  
They now wrassle around with each other and it makes my heart sing for Ollie who has a buddie again!
The weather has been horridly hot and even with the A/C going night & day Master Clyde still requires extra coolness:

 and    ssssssssssssssssttttttttttttrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeetttttttttttcccccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
and down,,  aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
(you can tell Ollie's a bad influence on him already- ignoring the camera like that)  
And finally, 
somekitty found her way outside for what prooved to be a heartstopping hour (after her ornj accomplice used the bitey on the forcefield)
and in that time somekitty sauntered back in with a gift (of sorts)
This morsel little one
a tiny baby rat.  Poor thing didn't even have it's eyes open yet. 
 I took it to petco and they said 'thanks but no thanks' and 'heres a plastic container and some goats milk.  good luck!  (what that meant to me was every 4 hours making sure the heating pad stayed on and feeding it- Holy Cod!)
 4 days later I'm happy to report it's doing fine, eyes open and eating well.

Here is the culprit Queen apparently waiting patiently outside the door for her dinner to be done. 
MS: What?  I thought it was like the popcorn you eat, just put it in the microwave until it's done yes?... 

so glad she's back to her normal self
albiet really hissed off that her wandering privileges have been permanently revoked. 
It is fun having her do 'thundering herds' through the house in the morning with Ollie & Clyde in hot pursuit.  
I imagine it starts out something like this 

Ollie: Wha? Whereyagoing?Iwannacomesee!!
Clyde: heywhatchuguyzdoin?Canicome?caniplease,huh?huh?pleeeease?
MS: Ohfercodsakes!  I'm tired now, HIIIISSSSsssssssssssss!
Ollie: Oh I love it when she hisses at me, I have to go sit right next to her now. 
Clyde: *from under the bed int he next room*  Ollie?  is it over?

That Woman 

P.S.  seriously, anyone have any idea what I should do next for this rat?


  1. I got no rat advice, but I am glad everything else is normal MOL!

  2. No rat advice here...Take comfort in that they only live a few years! Di you have a wildlife rehabilitator in your area? Clyde is a HOOT! Salem lays the same way although she is somewhat Ms. Stella, we are so pleased that all your ire wasn't lost with your toe!

  3. Certainly seems like never a dull moment there. Good luck with the little rat!

  4. I flatten like that too.

    As soon as he looks as though he can make it..eyes open, eating well..take him beyond your property and turn him loose.

  5. Looks like exciting times around your place.

  6. Yeah, I second the feed-him-up and turn-him-loose advice! ::shudder::

    My flinty little heart sings to see the beauteous Ms. Stella feeling tip-top again! I am happy she's leading those BoyCats on a merry chase. XOXO

  7. When it's grown up, maybe it will do well in a field with wild grasses and near a stream?

  8. Well, we know what we would do next with that rat! Tee hee! We're glad Ms. Stella is feeling herself again!

  9. Me can't wait for the auction to be over! me has bids on 2 things! And wowwie zowwie! Ms Stella - yous should has eatten the rat, then your Mommy would not has to worry what to do with it!
    Yous keep those boys on their toes!

  10. We is so happy to see Miss Stella thundering through the house and bearing gifts! Good luck wif the rat.

  11. Can't help you with the mouse coz if it's Mommy, she'll probably keep it!

  12. Feed, fatten and FREE the rat!! Take it somewhere it would have a chance at a wildlife organization ...they may have a guideline as to how early you can turn it loose!
    Ms. Stella it looks as though you are feeling just fine now :p

    the critters in the cottage xo


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