Friday, February 15, 2013

A little digression... and That Woman is weird

Um, so like a while ago some kitty who was havin troubles in the nether regions went to visit the vets office.
And while that kitty who shall remain nameless on account a they was just foolin and the whole ordeal was FiCATsco from the word GO and still ended up costing a gillzzillion doll hairs and That Woman chose to rather forget the entire incident...
While she was there they had our regular kitties we liked to visit,
There was the blind boy Forrest who is always a charmer

They also had a couple kittens who were up for adoption. 
That Woman nearly traded our "entire kaboodle of ungrateful, food scarfin, treat whores" in for this model:

now I ask you, does the above cat-i-date look like they is even remotely suitable? 
Good thing The Gurl was there and smacked That Woman in the head a few times (heehee, we woulda liked to have that on video) .

That Woman said she is rather enamoured with the Trout Talkin Tabbies & took these photos just for them

we dunno what kinds of fish these are but they was a lot and we bet
the kitties who is boarded (their beds are right on the other side of the glass so they's can see the fishies alla time they is in their apartments) LOVE watching and plotting

Oh, the little goon again, That Woman was all 'squeeeee....he's so cute" and 'squeeee... he's so Meezer' and her last straw 'squeeeee I BET HE WOULD LOVE ME AND BE SWEET TO ME AND NOT EVER, EVER IN A MILLION SQUILLON YEARS MAKE ME WORRY MY HEAD OFF FOR NO REASON AT ALL!"
To which I added 'Lady?  You is bonkers if you think that Meezer would be better than alla us combined!  Meezers is HIGH maintenance & you don'ts buy enough Cheez-it's!  (All hail ScreamOline)
She hurumphed and went back to her underwater photography
(which is quite horrid but this one isn't so bad)
I wonder if he tastes like lemon?  I don't like lemon as a rule... It's usually a side thing they put with fish...
We bet that black & white stripedy guy is tastey!

And we don't know what in the heck this is but we want someone to smash it with a shoe first!
Then we might take a snif.

Ollie says :"I can't help it that you got all worried over me & rushed me off to the vets only on accounta me squatting in each litter box & then runnin off outta there like my tail was on fire...
I like rollin in the litter boxes too
you may want to reconsider all them slobbering smacks you insist on
covering me in alla time

As an FYI
Our house is going through some really strange things right now; The Gurl has decided to finish her college in some place called Lost Wages or Lost Vegans or something and will be moving there in May.
And while that is a great thing for her
That Woman is really, well
kinda nuts right now.
She and The Gurl been alla they only had each other  (well, aside from us) for waaaay long time.That Woman is wanderin the house all leaky and picks things up and puts them down & yesterday while The Gurl was at school she put the grab on Ollie & didn't let go till he was sopping!  (He was a trooper and didn't struggle through the whole ordeal.)
We try tellin her that there is six of US and we ain't leavin and so what's the big deal
but she is not doing well at all.  She is so weird cos anytime The Gurl is around she is all normal...No leaks, no weird acting, but Cod!  As soon as The Gurl goes out somewhere it's like Niagra Falls!
So we asks you to send good thoughts
and maybe a CatPreserver or two (since there is six of us) so we can ford alla them flood waters!

Ms. Stella & OhLollie


  1. The great thing about us kitties is WE never go to college! We don't need to because we were born smart! So your human can console herself with that, at least.

  2. You do NOT need a Meezer!!!


    You know El is always welcome at the Lounge.

  3. M says she wants to give your human a hug and tell her it will be okay. M cried when her daughter left for school too. Now you kitties will get a lot of extra loving because the Curl will be gone. That's not a bad deal for you.

  4. Oh, Mom feels bad for your Stacy. The Gurl will do grate and have a good experience, we hope, but it is hard being the Mom. Our Mom did OK when her daughter went all the way to Texas for school, because there was Dad and their son still home, but her second year when she and Dad set off to DRIVE in her new little Civic all that way to Texas, Mom was very sad and worrited and leaky. But it was all fine, and having lived 1000 miles or more from home ever since, they have missed her, but she is super close in heart, and calls and skypes a lot, and she and Mom are best girlfriends to this day. So gaining that independence helped her to actually stay close.

    Hugs and hugs.

    As for the Meezer, we think she your Mom is squiffy in the head to think it might be better than you guys. Maybe AS WELL AS you guys, but not instead.

    Ollie, don't mess with the Mom about the litterbox. It isn't nice to worry her and make her spend her hard earned money on vet bills.

  5. Be kind to Mom gang, some humans just don't handle change asmwell as we do!

  6. Y'know, we got distracted by all those fishie pictures...they made us hungry.

  7. Hey you can vist us in Lost Vegans. The Gurl will like it here, and there isn't as much sin in the city as you'd think. :-)

  8. Mommy said she unnerstands. As each son went off to school, mommy suffered some and so did Robin, the Tortie who raised up all of the boys single pawed. But when her last one left to go to school, mommy just leaked and leaked and leaked till her eyes were in danger of floating out. She knew that was it for always and she'd be *gasp* alone when he graduated. She was and...she clung via the phone for awhile but her son got tired of it and let her know she needed to loosen her grip. MOL. So, she did. Her all fines after that. You will be too she said even though it's jard to believe now. XXXOOO

  9. Question: she didn't bring one of the fishies for you guys?

  10. Oh Dears!
    It is so tough when the human brothers and sisters leaves. We must admit me misses my human brothers (who lives in another Province). The Mommy gets leaky and misses them, purrticularly when they text her during the day). So gets used to it. Its going to happens forever!

  11. The Human teaches senior girls who is all thinking they wants to run off to kollidge and stuffs, but then the Human says the gurls feel all leaky and worried about leaving too, even tho they seem to be excited a lot of the time, but eventually it works out for efurrybody, including the Kitties, which is the most impawtant thing, of course. And the really brave thing your Mommy is doing is acting all cool and stuff when the gurl is around and then just leaking on you when she's not. She's a good mommy.

  12. whoa..... we wood be mor N happee ta eye dent a fy de fish for ewe...

    de furst two pick surez bee de samich fish.....heer put this one on for a dagwood kinda samich.....

    de next pick sure iz de slite snak fish floatin long side of de knot enuff snak we knead mor fish

    and de last pick sures de settle down N ewe will sear even lee fish;

    ollie hope ewe iz doin well; de blessings oh st francis two ewe....eye wuz at de V.E.T enuff in de past week ta last me de next ten yeerz....

    peace out N rock on; sauce of fishbone

  13. Tons of purrs and big Clooney kisses and cuddles to That Woman...we just know that you all will lub on her immensely and help her feel better.


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