Tuesday, December 20, 2011

She haz officially lost what little remained of her mind...

She came home early from works today (something tells me we get less treats when she does this) .  We wuz all, "Hey! She's home!  Must be time to eat!"  But NOOOOOOO, she and the Gurl flew into The Gurls room carrying this!

Something told me this was rather unplanned as That Woman was sort of flustered and she seemed kind of upset. 

So I guess she and that gurl went to check on the 'kitten & kaboodle' and found only two kittens there left.  There had been 8 cats taken in, one was taken immedately by an employee I guess, two were in the infirmary and the others... well.... That Woman wouldn't say, she just sort got all wobbly and went for the kleenex box.  

So like I was saying, she & the Gurl went to the shelter with the express purpose of seeing how much it would be to now 'adopt' these two remaining boys.  $140 each.  Which is a bargain  given they come neutered, chipped and vaccinated but it is too much for our household at this time so we could only choose one.  That Woman said quite a lot of things that I shall not utter here.  Both boys (WHO authorized HER to bring a BOY home???)  were in treatment for some kind of 'upper respiratory infection'.   That Woman was furious (like I've never seen her) as when all those kittens went in they were healthier than spit and had glossy coats to boot!  

So, after much budget finagling and agreements from both her and the Gurl to give up a couple gifts they really wanted, they decided to bring this home instead. Cod help us ALL!  
who could blame them? 

*well..ok, like I know I totally could but even in my ebil kitteh heart I cannot imagine what this little guy haz been going thru let alone his brother who is still there. 

So for a story with a happy ending (as it is the holidays) 
Please meet 
 he never stops doing the muffin thing
his tail twitches and vibrates with such excitement!  I promise pictures of his floof soon

yes love,
you are home.

From That Woman,
Elliot has a respiratory infection and must be treated (by us) for 10 days.  Then he will go to have his surgery. 
They say he is contagious so he will be in quarantine in The Gurls room for quite awhile. 

We had to leave his brother there as they wouldn't even consider a discount for us taking two and I do sort of understand but we did just give them quite a bit of money to take them in the first place only to find out that 5..
well. i have no words. 

This one is a doll and even though I didn't want any more cats since we lost our Coco, I couldn't risk losing one more. 


  1. Elliot is a cutie pie! We're glad that That Woman and The Gurl brought him back to such a loving home! We're sad about the others but very happy Elliot will now have all the love he deserves! We hope he gets well soon!

  2. Let me get this right. You paid them to drop them off to be adopted out. Then, when you went to adopt one, they were sick, expensive, and _____. AND no discount for two of them???? What in the hello kitty is goin on there? Do these people not want these kittens adopted out? Sounds like a letter to your editor at your local paper is needed. I live in Oklahoma, but if there is ANYTHING i can do to make this situation better, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I think a little throw-up just came up in my mouth.(sorry fur the rant.) (no, i'm not sorry.) xoxoxo

  3. I missed the beginning of this story, but I can't believe what happened to those kittens. I'm on board with Prancer Pie's idea of a letter to the paper.

    That said... yay for Elliot! He's a cutie!

  4. Ditto on the letter. Seriously.

    This is so bittersweet. We're so sorry the five were not given a chance....And sorry they didn't give you a two-for-one and let you take both boys home. We purr that Elliot's brother finds a wonderful forever home SOON.

    And bless you for adopting Elliot. We're in a very tight financial situation ourselves, with lots of debt, and so understand. But please don't forget that if you have unexpected vet bills, a lot of us around the CB would kick in a bit to help out, if/when we can. People were very generous with Derry's $1255.37 dental bill back in June 2010.

    Hugs and kitty kisses to you all.

  5. Oh Elliot, you are so fortunate and you will be happier than you will be able to believe to be here with THAT WOMAN and The Gurl. I am saddened about your precious brofur but I have all my human purrs working toward him being adopted too. They sure make it hard!!! I like Prancer's rant.

    Love to you, Elliot and all of your humans there and your fur siblings. Get well, darling..real quickly.

    xoxoxo Mom Carole

  6. How awful, but not for happy biscuit maker Elliot. Yay for Elliot!! What is wrong with them!

  7. Welcome home Elliot, and we are all sending you purrs to get better really soon!!!


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