Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmouse Photo Shoot

That Woman: "hey Stel, ready for your Christmas Photo Shoot?"

Stella: "Oh Holy Cod, are you serious?"
TW: "Oh come on Stel, your admirers would like to see your gorgeous self this Holiday Season, ALL the CB bloggers are doin' it!" 

 S: "Really?  Well all right then, what do you want me to do?"

 TW: "Oh it's easy, just act natural"
TW: "Well, okay, how about a bit more than that?"

S:  "  Well I wasn't ready! Give me a break! Howz this?  Cheeeeeeeeze!"
TW: "Oh VERY FUNNY STEL!  C'mon!  I don't want to sit here all day! I have a tree to decorate!"

S: "STOP YELLING AT ME! Can't you see I have a bit too much Christmas stress already?" 

TW: "OK FINE!  I'll come back later then!" 

S: "Really?  You're leaving?  I'd have to endure this torture a second time?  No way, hows this then?" 

TW:  "Awwwww, perfect Ms. S. !" 

S: "Whatever, come back tonight with that camera, I need you to take some special after-hours photos for Mr. D." 

TW: "Oh Stella, you minx!"


  1. Adorable "cheez" pic! We definitely think that should make the family Christmas card!

  2. Mr D!???? WHO is Mr D???!!!??? TELL! What did I miss????


    Mom Carole

  3. Sometimes being a cat is such a trial, having to put up with nonsense like this from our humans!

    But extra treats go a long way to making up for the inconvenience.

    Just sayin'.

  4. Love that sneer :D
    have a great Christmas!

  5. It was well worth the wait, great pics fur sure!

  6. Stella, you are silly! We love the cheese photo!

  7. we think Mr.D will blow a nude fuse!

  8. Mr D! Make sure yous leaves your collar off!

  9. Oh Stella, you are so beautiful, all of the pictures are fabulous! :-D

    PS - our word verification word is "bills" ... that's not very fun! MOL

  10. Great pictures! I like the squinchy-face one :)

  11. I'm passing along an award to you! Info will be in tomorrow morning's post :)

  12. FANTASTIC!!!! Omg these were just perfect!

  13. You look gawgeous, Ms. Stella!

    BTW, those nice ornaments? Yeah, she highlighted the nice ones with little stories. She didn't say anything about the two giant cardboard boxes of The Unworthy out on the back porch, MOL!


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