Monday, December 12, 2011

Holy Cats!

There was quite a lot of excitement today at our house.

it rained A LOT all DAY so we were stuck inside.
That Woman was at her all day working place so we was home with The Gurl who was just reading all day so we had lots of places to snuggle down.

That Woman came home and she checked the mailbox & there was something big in there from our furrriends in Canada! Ms. Penelope sent us somefin!!! We was all like 'Open it!!!' and That Woman was all 'I AM, HOLD YOUR TAILS ON!'

And then!

She showed us!


go ahead; click to open it up all the way.

Isn't it just gorgeous???  A one of a kind original painting!  We is soo amazed and can'ts get over our good fortune to haz such an amazing piece of art! 

We also gotted this:
 A 12 month Calendar of prints of Penelope's mom's hand painted feline portraits!  Isn't that just the PAWSOME!?

AND, if that weren't enough she also nom (oh, that reminds me I'm all hungrified now).. Nominated our blog for a

Tomorrow or possibly the next day since That Woman is a bit overwhelmed with a couple Christmas Party Lunchie things to get organized; she'll post our nominations for this award & do all the linkys.   

But we wanted to say a sincere and from the bottom of our ebil little Cat Hearts THANK YOU to Miss Nellie & Kozmo & the Hairy Slobbery Sisters & Nellies Mom & Dad!  
We are truly honored by your gifts! 

Merry CatMas to you too!  
ppEssS: Miss Nellie, when I readed the story of you going in the moving box and locking yourself insided it I was heart stopped with terrors!  I am so glad that your Daddy was able to rescue you and you gotted home safe and sounded. 
Ms. Stella O'Houligan


  1. Wow! How exciting and Concats! That was a great package!

  2. Wow, gorgeous! Nellie's mom certainly is very talented, what a wonderful package she sent.

    And concats on your award! It was a great day for you!

  3. Thank Cod it arrived all safe and sound! Me has been after Mommy to sends yous something since wes gots our lovely quilt (which me sleeps on all the time) and she finnaly gots it together to mail.
    And me loves your blog too.

  4. The paintings are gorgeous and congrats on the nice award too!

  5. Nellie's mom is the best! The Human bid on a painting in an auction awhile back and Nellie's mama painted me too!! Too bad we cannot hang them together ;-)

  6. WOW!! LOVE that painting!!!

  7. That is an exciting day for sure kitties! Congrats on the award! And that is a beautiful painting and I bet that calendar is gorgeous too! Nellie's Mom is such a talented artist.


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