Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Early Catmas!

Well, with a little help from ME!  I had to stand there staring at the box for.e.v.e.r. until that sorry excuse of a slave arrived to take it inside.  And do you know what she had the nerve to try and tell me?? That it was for 'Catmas' and that Santa Claws said I could haz it till then.


I very gently took her aside (without claws, thank you) & explained the facts of life to her and asked her really to think long and hard about how much extra time she would have if she didn't have to clean up cat pee every day until Christmas comes and you know what?  She saw the logic of my brain things and relented.  

And WHAT to our WONDERING eyes should APPEAR???    HAMMICKS from over at FortyPaws!!!

And we verifiy, they are truly the shizzang!

Here I am, in loooooove!

Ms. Jenga claims the giant fish!  And no wonder! That Woman finally found a treat she likes!  They are dried cubes of tuna!  She's all gaga over them!

Well, you might know; That Scrappy Cat is just not sure...

But the Tazmanian Tuxie certainly IS!

She even tries to show That Scrappy Cat what they are for

Scrapps however, remains unconvinced. 
Miss Jack: "Scraps, you get in like this and roll around!"  
Scraps:  "nah, I don't think so.. thanks all the same."
She kept trying to hide under it.  What a total goon!

The Tazmanian Tuxie still at work.

Only trouble is we've been having so much wind lately they all get staticky from the fleece.  That Woman is going to toss them in the dryer with some fabric sheets to see if that won't solve the problem. 

Otherwise they come off the hammicks looking like this:

well, more or less...   heehee


  1. How very wonderful, not to mention comfy!

  2. Ham-micks! Wow, Christmas did come early. We're glad your human finally grasped your logic and allowed you to have them before December 25th. We see they're a big hit...with most of you. LOL.

  3. Pawsome!!! I have been begging my humans to get me one of those...

  4. I really must speak to mom about a Hammick! I have asked her occasinally but now, I need to insist.


    Your devoted follower (Ms O'Houligan's)

  5. Fo Shizzle!
    That waitin on Sandy Claws and all that noise is for humans and stuff.
    Those ham-mick are da Bomb cribs, bros.

  6. We luf our Forty Paws Ham-micks! Aren't they great? Hee-hee we luf that cartoon! Princeton has been haffin sum static problems lately! Too funny!

  7. How cool are those pressies! So glad that most of you love your hammicks. Plus, we thinks the reaction of That Scrappy Cat is quite adorable!


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