Thursday, May 08, 2014

Blog Paws! Early Arrivals

Finally arrived in Las Vegas and met up with my favorite boy toy!

Our lovely room! 

Miss Coco 

Miss Coco makes an early plunder in the CatNip Trunk of Deliciousness! 

Some silly shots from the Bissell camera booth 
With the infamous Meg Hart of Hartstories and her kitties are Greyson & Quill
The Viking Queen is Mom Trish AKA Sheebie of Katnip Lounge

I swear to you this was NOT posed!  I was holding Coco's paw (she had her tiny toes curled around my fingers!  and it looks like one of those awkward family photo shots! LOLOL

I cannot express how how lovely this darling, sweet, extra social kitty is.  I am so honored to get to spend this time with her.  Currently she's curled up in lap, under my quilt, sound asleep.  
Chow for now kitties! 



  1. It's great to see some early pics. I'd recognize Trish anywhere, I think, and Teri too, but I don't think I've ever seen a pic of Meg, so it's nice to put a face to her name...and yours. Can't recall if I've seen pics of you before, either! (Could be my wonky middle-aged memory, though.)

    Have fun!

  2. You are so lucky you get to room with Coco and her human! My human is envious and having kitty withdrawal.

  3. grate shots stella !!! looks like everee one is havin a blast !!!! enjoy...N rememburr.......all de $$$ on


    N heerz two a happee halibutt & herring kinda week oh end two all ♥

  4. We are liking the early pics too!
    Looks like you are having fun and meeting friends!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure, JJ
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie


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