Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Holy Kittens BatCat!

But before we get to that kitties let's finish up my whirl wind tour of Blog Paws 2014 and Vegas! 

Here are some shots of the final days of all my furriends! 
The ever beautiful, Miss Coco 

Angel & Isabella's Mom, Wally & Ernie & Zoey's Mom, Prancer Pie's Mom

This is Kitties Blue, Oui Oui, Lp & Critters at the cottage, Wally & Ernie's mom and I feel like crap that I can't remember our other Cannuck's name! 
THANKS everyone!  Karyn Clooney and Netyri's mom!  YAY!

Katie & Waffle's mom and  Patty The Goat Lady! 

This here is Crepes Mom (Cat in the Fridge) and of course Glogirly

So many crazy cat ladies and only so much me! 
From back to front: 
Patty Woodland, Debbie Glovatsky, Lisa Rickman, Julie McAlee, Trish Cerecke; Meg Hart and Teri Thorsteinson flashin the Peace! 

Here's me with Ernie, Wally & Zoey's mom! 
She was nice and smelled really good!

 Breakfast noshes

Me with a pooch available for adoption at the Petfinder table! 
Go poochie! 

Here's me with Tillman the skateboarding dog

Here's me in class

That Woman's favorite shot me here 
ready to dig into that medallion of tender beef

it was epic 

Noon Break

I had so many compliments on this stuffed Ms. Stella and many who asked me if I could make them ones of their own beloveds I have decided to do just that. 
I will do a separate post later this week with the particulars.  


 Here's Me 'n Frank
(I'm certain this is a relative of the TTT!- least that's what Frank said) 

Here's the most awsomest Cat Hammock on the planet and *I* won it!!! 
That Woman totally squealed

 Gettin ready for the Red Carpet walk! 

There's more crazy in this one photo than a whole hospitals of 'not a danger to themselves or others' but hey, they feed us. 

Here's That Woman and the lady on the far right is Angie Bailey of Catladyland and Texts from Mittens fame!  Isn't she gorgeous! 

Me and my Staff 

Here's That Woman with 'Snotface the Ferret'.
She couldn't stop babbing on the whole time about the dang thing and how good he smelled! 

Ok, enough for now; there's more photos to come but really we need to get to some interesting developments here at the house. 

That Woman decided since we are all older; and fostering an adult cats wasn't as successful as she'd hoped; she's decided to try kitten tots. 

Here's our first batch we got Monday the day after we got back... 

There are six, 
we've been posting vid on facebook but here's a couple she hasn't shown yet and some stills wherein she attempts to blind the little buggers *sheesh* 

We are working with MeoowzResQ. 
Time to get your 'squeee' on
The wee babies are one black male
(aka spittytot)
 Two siamezer sisters 
  and one solid grey little girlie

This is how wee tiny they are: 
The two larger kittens (5 wks) are hard to get stills of o enjoy them in the vid. :)

oh dear... I hear them up again.  Gotta go ! 

Ms. Stella 
& TW

P.S.  Ollie is totally ticked off and sulking UTB. 


  1. Spittytot!!!! Squee ;-)

  2. Those kittens are so cute!

  3. SQUEEEEeeeee ::thud::

    Mommy ran outta air and fainted. Too much cute!

  4. Your human had the best time at BlogPaws - and my human was so thrilled to meet her! And how awesome was it she got to come home to brand new kittens to foster! Plus the cool Peach Industries Lounger! Wow!

  5. What fun at BlogPaws!!! Don't worry about foster kitts: they can be fun, they eat nommy food you can try to steal and they are temporary. :)

  6. Such cute little babies! Meowm said lots of fun was had at Blogpaws!

  7. stella...9) thanx for sharin de pictures.....looks like ewe N mom hada AWESUM time...
    B) how total lee rockin iz wee kittehs iz price less
    P) we iz waaaaaay gel uz ya getted yur picture taken with tillman; knot onlee due we love butter but bulldogs two
    100 % de icing on de cake that iz knot ther....FRANK !!!!!!


  8. Oh my CAT. YOUR HUMAN CHEATED WITH A FERRET TOO!!!!! Have they no SHAME?!?!?
    And we wanna know WHY ours didn't come home with a catnip mat, hmmm? ~Faraday

    (ed: actually I do too! I am so bummed I missed out on an opportunity to snag some goodies from you & Beaded Tail. But these can always be shipped :-) I want to talk BAGS. I saw JB's!!!!!!!!!

    Maxwell: Uh, Ollie dood, I'd be UTB too. Paws in solidarity over here!

  9. Kittens!! Oh Ollie you can come hang out with us!

    Mom is in a kitten puddle!

  10. Kittens? We'd be packing our bags, too, Ollie. It's bad enough that your human was cheating on your at BlogPaws, but kittens, too?

    (The head peep says that the canuck is Clooney's Mom)

  11. Ms. Stella, the mom had a grand time with your look-alike and the Woman at BlogPaws. But now you gotta put up with squealin' kittens?? Oh. My. Cod. We'd be hightailing it out of there fast.

    Just to add what the Herd said above, Clooney's mom's name is Karyn.

  12. Ms. Stella, your mommy got so many great photos from BlogPaws. Our mommy didn't take nearly enough, and we are very disappointed in her. We can't even believe y'all allowed your Mom to get foster babies the day after she arrived home. We've barely even started to speak to ours. Tonight she gave us treats that she brought home. They were a bust...definitely not for us. We're waiting to see what she tries next. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  13. Ms Stella, we are so sorry your mommy cheated on you! She even crossed the species line, but at least you were represented and there in spirit. This is a great post with lots of fab photos. Our mom was excited to have meet yours! We hate to say it, but those kittens are just adorable!

  14. Holy Cow that Blog Paws was real?! Wow!!
    and omg Squeeeeeee!!!! babies!!

  15. oh I love that you had people sign the stuffed Stella..

  16. Teri got a little leaky eyed, seeing all the wonderful photos and dreaming of the fun she had with your mum, Stella! Let's do it again in Nashville, baby!


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