Saturday, May 03, 2014

In Which Ms. Stella laments

"Whaddaya mean I'm not goin' to Blog Paws with you???"

"Now Ms. Stella, you know how you get with just a 3 minute car ride!  *in case you've got amnesia I offer this evidence*  And a FIVE HOUR car ride is not what you would appreciate 
~nor how I intend to spend my vacation"

"Ppfffft! Irrelevant!  Your ears (and nose) comfort is beside the point!  I wanna go see Miss Coco the rock star as well as all them other kitties that git to go!  WTP???"

"Stella:  You ARE going... just not the way you intended,
as effigies go; it's not too bad
And look; you have a Pirate Tiara!"

"Well,  there is the Tiara.    HEY! #1) When did I get a Tiara with a skull and crossbones and #2) How come I never saw it before today???  Jeez Woman you are holdin' out on me and I'm really fed up with it! " 

"Relax Stellie-cakes... I have purchased several bags of treats that The Gurl will give you to ease your suffering.  Don't forget to check FB for all the silly snaps I will put up for you" 

"Well fine!  But I don't want to see any of you in that swimsuit!  ONCE was quite enough thank you! 
Can anyone say **Mike Wazowski in a one piece'? 
I simply cannot unsee that.  
And did you just call me  Stellie-cakes?" 

**For my fans; google that name and you'll get the picture... I couldn't get her to post one here; she's quite full of herself today...  stellie-cakes indeed! 

Ms. Stella   


  1. Poor Stella is right. I take it the human might be headed to Blog Paws? M so wishes she were going. Tell your human to have fun and be sure to bring you lots of surprises for being a good girl.

  2. I'm not going either, Stella, just my human! I hope she does not embarrass me while she is there. Maybe your human can tell you - and you can report back to me.

  3. None of us are going this year, but Mom will have fun!

  4. Woo hoo, Flat Ms. Stella and Mini-Cloon are going to rip it up at BlogPaws! My Human is excited to meet That Woman, how cool! And Ms. Stella who wants to travel all that way when we can has a representative of ours do all the dirty work...hope The Gurl spoils you all silly!

  5. Oh my Ceiling Cat, what a pawsome tiara!!!!

  6. None of us can go, with the head peep, either. Newton is convinced that it's his fan club meeting and he is quite put out that he can't attend.

  7. MY HERO! You told her the way NO one else can even approach. Your word is law.

  8. Ms. Stella, we're not going either. And there's no Flat Island Cats going either. Pfffffftttt!!!!

  9. None of us kitties are going either...not even as flatties. Our mom is such a huge failure. We sure hope she has fun, and she better miss us bunches and bring home an entire suitcase filled with treats and toys if she knows what is good for her. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  10. Oh Wow! Your doppelganger will be going! Does yous thinks that your Mommy will get lots of pictures of uyous with the other flat cats?

    1. YES and the back is all plain so I plan on having her furriends sign it! Should be fun!


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