Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tubbie Tuxie

Heya HepCats & SugarKitties!
That Woman here with an interesting photo
I know it's all out of focus but that's what makes it fun.  Please note:
1.  Miss Jacks darling smiling animae eyes! 

2.  Check out that hammick sag!  And half of her is even not in the hammick!!!
It reminds me of the way they used to explain singularities in science class!

*note: Miss Jack is far too adorable and short legged to be held accountable for her rather sturdy stature. 
Wish I could get a way with that!


  1. ha ha...we are giggling about how there IS a black hole fairly close to where the space-time continuum is being warped!

  2. Me thinks that Miss Jack is a purrfect cat! Just a little fluffy (like my Mommy).

  3. I think sumbuddy mighta put a can of creamed corn in there or sumfing. You looks purrfeck to me, Miss Jack!

  4. Science ? For me, The hammick looks so spooky !!!
    Who is there ?..OMC !!! My fur stand up !!! I go under the bed for now !!

  5. I love that photo, prowl you will!!!

  6. Miss Jack
    We all think you are incredible.

    Thank you for your kind words. I am back from the Vet and Mom is praying I regain my appetite.



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