Friday, January 13, 2012

It's Ollie TV!

in the beginning he falls in the garbage disposal then he gets water up his nose & sneezes all over brother

helping with the camera to get his best side

being Ollie -Party of One

This was Christmas Eve day.  The day we got him.  You can see he loves being with his brother and also chin rubbs. 

in case you're wondering why no more vid's of Elliott it's because he spends his time like this:  

Elliott: "HEEEYYYYYYY, those other guys gets to go outtt???? What gives?? " 

Seriously.. He pines at the door. 


  1. He's not a Cat--he's Ollie the Otter!

  2. Pawty of One! Indeed! Aw, poor Elliott!! He needs a moobee too, even if it is just lounging at the door ;-)

  3. He is one funny cat! me wonders what we has to do to gets Mommy to take videos of us.

  4. Ahhh, total kitten gratification. Thanks fur sharing.

  5. Ollie, you're a sweet and silly young mancat. :-)

    We have to say, though, we never wanted to play with water, even when we were younger!

  6. Poor Elliot - he looks so sad with those lazer eyes.

  7. Thanks for sharing the videos! Ollie is awfully cute.

  8. Yay, Da Boyz is together again! How awesome! That sink video is priceless. My word verification was "purrys"!


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