Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mommie's Lil' Helper

Ollie:  "Hey MOOOOM!  Is it time to do the dishes again???"
Mom (aka That Woman) : "Ollie darling, it's not, so there's no need for you to keep waiting there."
Ollie: " S'ok.. I can wait.  I'm practicing being a patient mancat."

                                      Ollie: "is it time now?"


                                                                                                         Ollie: "how 'bout now? "

                               Ollie:  "aren't you done wif dat coffee cup yet?"

Note from Mom: (aka That Woman): Ollie is a true water cat.   He comes running from being dead asleep even the moment he hears a faucet.   Will post some videos's soon.   What a goof!

PeeeSSS: There is only the one picture. Ollie just likes to chat!


  1. Ollie, we think you're very brave! We steer clear of water, especially any running water.

    BTW, only one photo is visible, the first, not sure if you have others--seems like there should be.

  2. So fun to have a mancat in the house! The are so much more laid back than prissy ladycats!

  3. Ame too, I love water, but not if it is running!

  4. Hissy Old Licorice was like that. Purrsonally, me never saw the attaction...

  5. Ollie there is nothing better than a mancat who helps with the dishes!!!

  6. He is such a cutie! Look at that face. Adorable.

  7. Ollie, you gotta learn how to turn that faucet on yourself!!

  8. OH DEAR COD! The Human thinks this little boy is the cutest kittie she has ebber seen in all her life.

    Frankly, I am little offended by that.


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