Tuesday, January 24, 2012

King of the...

Ollie & Eli: "Oh Hai Mom! See how cute we are?"
Ollie & Eli:  "Aren't we just your little Angels?"
Mom:  "Ya, right do I look like I been sniffin catnip all day?"
Ollie & Eli: "Nah, we iz just like... ya know... grooming"
Ollie:  *grunting* "well, ok... we are energetically grooming"

Eli: "HAHA!  I haz you now!"
Ollie: "Dude! Tic-Tac!"

Ollie: "dude, you better get over yourself"

 Mom:  *shouts from kitchen* "BOYZ!  Knock it off before one of you comes crashing 6 feet to the floor!"

Eli & Ollie: "WHA?? We can DO that???!  SAAWeet! That's like, like, flyin! Eli get back up here! "

Ollie & Eli:  "WOAH! Ok Mom, we won't, you can put the loaded squirt gun down!" 
Mom: *muttering from kitchen* "you boyz think it's all a game till somekitty haz ta go to the vets!"

Ollie: "Eli, mum said to knock it off!"  
Eli:  "Ya, I fink she meant I could knock you off!"  

 Eli: "Ok, one of us hazta get down, Ollie, you go since you is ornj."  
Ollie: "DUDE, we are both ornj!  YOU get down!" 

 Ollie: "Heh, heh, heh..."The Ozzman wins the day!"

Eli: "the Ozzman? MOL!, more like the ODDMAN ya goon!  
Don't worry, when Mom leaves, I'll be back!" 


  1. Haha! Loved it.

  2. You two are adorable! Where's Stella in all this??? Is she watching all the hoopla from a respectable distance?

  3. Ornj kittenz rasslin...Mommy has just turned into a quivvering pile of goo. Save it up for 2 AM, that's our advice.

  4. me is sure glad yous is there and me is here! Ms Stella, if yous ever need a vacation from them, you can visit me!

  5. This could be like a TV series--"Eli and the Oddman", with supporting actors (off-camera voice only) by That Woman and an occasion guest appearance by Ms. Stella and the others. We could pitch it to Animal Planet!

  6. Ha! Your mom's a killjoy. We LOVE a good, rough tussle and the mom only intervenes the rare time it turns from play into something a bit more serious. :-P

    We'll look for a rematch soon!

  7. Orange Alert times two! What a fun time was had by all, even mum takin' the pix, we think!


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