Thursday, January 26, 2012


This is a test of the Emergency Cat- Broadcast System
(here after to be known as the ECS)

Something haz started over at my good friend Nellie's House!
I know Miss Nel is madd as a wet cat! BUT, if this thing spreads we will ALL be at risk!

yes, you read that right... RATIONING (as IF!)

What in the name of Hello Kitty is her human thinking???

I tole Nellie,   I says:
You tell yer mum that if no sleep, cranky humans and rabid comment checking is good for the rest of them it's good enuf for hers too!  I mean where does she get off? 
Three measly days (out of at least elebenity squillion hours a week)
to our beloved Nellie?
The NERVE!  AND what's WORSE? 
oh yes, it's worse... 
During those pathetic few minutes she gives, she is really
setting an example!
She's gonna be givin alla humans room to whine uncontrollably! 

Oh I can just hear it now

"But Ms. Stella, I'm  soo tiiiiired, Nellies mom has a chart!..."
"But Mr. Spitfire, I have to earn money to buy you treats too just like Nellies mom"

"But Mr. Diskers... be reasonable! I'm sure Ms. Stella has a room papered with photos of you already!"

"But- (looking at all 13 of her owners)- A girl haz to have time to coordinate such fashion wonders!"

well, OK, so maybe that last one was stretching it a bit by her own admission,
but you get the idea!

we'll have a revolution on our paws and before you know it they'll be rioting!

We must ACT! 
(and you can see that ACT and CAT have the same letters!  It's a sign!)

 Time is now!

We must nip this in the BUD
 (extra points if you are old enough to remember the actor famed for saying that!)

Ok all you kitties out there whose rights will be infringed upon
Go, Now!
Make Posters!
Make Flyers!
Let your voices be HEARD!

I've done my job; I've alerted
Now this lert needs a nap
to ruminate on further ideas of quashing this sedition


  1. Dear Ms Stella,
    Wowwie! Zowwie! yous is sending a callout! That is so cool!
    Me will has to send this post to my Mommy and gets her to reads it!
    Yous Rocks!

  2. Yeah and MY mommy better NOT get ANY ideas!!

  3. Just the oppawsite is wrong wif our Mommy...she nefur shuts up!

  4. Fashion WONDERS?

    She wishes.

  5. Honestly, Ms. Stella, you could not BE more right. I told Nellie it was awn OUTRAGE! You're right--we cannot allow even ONE Human to start such a callous plan that disregards the needs of the Kitteh. I mean, that is the Prime Directive: Serve your feline masters at all times.

    Am I right? Occupy the CB!

  6. lmao!!!! Hate to tell you but we are with Nellie!!!! We soooooooo understand what Nellie means!


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