Tuesday, September 04, 2012

The Truth Will Out

Heya Hepcats!

It has come to my attentions that I gotta make a statement in my own defense about recent incidents involving a certain cretin,  Ornj Goon,  Ornj Mancat.

I had nothing what so ever to do with him eating wasps I tell you!
I never did say 'they tasted like orange stripey fish'
(no one could have heard that )

NOR did I ever insinuate or otherwise infer 
that after ingestion
magical hallucinations would occur.
(I would certainly have them all ingested by now if this were the case I can assure you)

For evidence in my own defense I present the following:
Exhibit A: does this face look like the face of supreme Feline intelligence to any of you?
(as compared to say,  the photo above which is of course, the epitome of C.A.T.)

Truly, there is no court that would convict me on all this flimsy, highly circumstantial evidence! 

Yes I happened to be lounging out in the grass
 But I was NOT 'lurking with malicious intent'!

Preposterous!  Slander!  Lies I tell you!

And on top of all that he got to use up nearly all my stores of painkillers.
I mean, what am I to do now if I get attacked by a Monarch or some other wildly vicious creature?  
Those little white moths are hellish nightmares!  Oh sure they look all flity and dainty but you can't let that fool you!  They have razor sharp fangs & claws and they spew venom from those tentacles sticking out of their heads!  Aliens!  A Ladycat needs her medicine chest stocked up.  'sall I'm sayin.  

Pshhht! He's such a baby.


  1. Truly there seems like it's never a dull moment around your house. The Vet must lurvvv your Mom.

  2. Anonymous7:35 AM

    Oh Miss Stella, I would never dream you would want Ollie to consume those nasty wasps (whispers behind paw...what did you sprinkle on them? Nip?)

  3. Have humans... ;-)

  4. Well, you're my hero so I hafta believe you. <3

  5. Ms Stella,
    Yous has a great future in politics!

  6. They taste like orange stripey fish?!

  7. You made us laugh Ms. Stella!! You are so clever with words and story telling! We also laughed because it is clear you are feeling one hundred percent back to normal!!

    the critters in the cottage xo
    P.S. Ollie um...what can we say...it's not your best picture...but we still love you :)

  8. Well, of course you would never tell Ollie to eat the wasps! Who would suggest such a thing?!? ;)

  9. You know, Ms. Stella, now that you mention it, he doesn't look like the fast swimmer in the gene pool.

    You on the other hand, just ate a canary, didn't you?

  10. I know you have to be innocent! Love, Cody


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