Monday, September 24, 2012

Over Heard on Monday Night

" I don't know what you mean? I am waiting here for fudz "

"Ms. Stella, there is food there, in plain site in 5 dishes "

"no habla blah blah blah human"

"se habla H20  El Gato!?"

" QUE?"

*meanwhile Ollie, Scraps, Miss Jack & Jenga are all running for cover at the sound of the squirt gun; Clyde is already under the bed owing to the raised octaves in the house"


  1. Beans. They never understand.

  2. If it's the wrong food it could be in 50 dishes but it wouldn't make us eat it.

  3. We didn't know you were bi-meowal, Ms. Stella.

  4. Do you want to come over to my house to eat? I'll share my bowl with you.

  5. Hi Guys! Thanks for coming to my borthday party! Yes! Yo-Yos! and they are ALL filled with catnip! (well some of the yo-yos are now full of cat spit.
    We wanted you to know, Mommy is super busy right now, so we are taking a blogging break, we may be visiting but we may not be posting or commenting much.

  6. We love your spunk Ms. Stella! It's good to keep That Woman on her toes!

  7. Anonymous8:59 PM

    MOL! Miss Stella Rules! Ter,s are hers to make...she a specially challenged kitteh now...just sayin'...

  8. Thanks for coming by to visit us today. We are waiting for food too. It is almost supper time.

  9. Obviously the food you are waiting for will be in the 6TH dish. D'oh, Human!! Does she have to spell it out for you???

  10. Spitty is right. Next dish please? xoxoxo


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