Saturday, September 15, 2012

Gone Fishin!

  Ollie here.  
It's been like reeeeeely hot so we aren't allowed to go outside with That Woman when she waters and stuff.  (ok, so like we don't trust her anywayz when she has the flying water snake in her hands and we prolly don't hazta tell you why).

So like, That Woman has been busy sewing stuff and then she gets on the computer to post pictures of her stuff, help us visit our furriends online.  Well, the other day I was helping her and you know what I noticed that I never noticed before???  We haz FISH!  And not just any fish but super slinky rainbow fish! A whole yummy pile of 'em!

They lives in their own little pond right on the side of our blogs! I figure they must have a secret water tunnel to go from our blog to That Woman's blog.  One of dese dayz I'm gonna find it.

Me & Clyde just hunkered right down to check it out... 
 well, um, ya,  Clyde's got my back.  
I was like so totally into it and I wasn't eben on Nip.  Boy them fishies sure move around a lot. 

"OH! OH! there's the white deaded maus too!"

*pounce mode activated*

"caaaaaak; caakkkaka; ccaaaaakakaka;"
 "I'm gonna give 'em the ol pounce in 3..2..."

"OWWW, that hurths my nosth... sthupid forth field.  Better try 'The Claw' instead of my nosth"

"Hi little fishies... dont'z minded me; i'm just waivin 'hi'."

"humpf;  this fishing is harder than it looks" 

Hope y'all catch some fun this weekend!     

Note from That Woman:  the letter d on my keyboard will not capitalize, and the shift key on the left side no longer works.  I'm certain the reason for this is that the keyboard has suffered a key function fatality owing to pee wars between Miss Jenga & Missy Jack recently.  We are chalking it up to ColCateral damage.  MOL

Thank you for the kind thoughts about my ear ick.  It seems to be doing better now but I have to do the ear drops which as y'all know is basically Chinese water torture.  I mean it's one thing to dive into a pool and get water in your ears and quite another to drop water into them one drop at a time until you feel it trickle down to the eardrum and then fill up.  *shivers*  At least they don't hurt anymore. 

The images of The Lorax are from my art blog.  I made a baby quilt for a friend.  You can see it here if you like.  

 wait... this isn't my Facebook page?


  1. Happy fishing gang! I'm glad your ear is doing some better!

  2. Ohhhhh. Those fishes made it on OUR blog too! What's this secret tunnel that allows them to do that?
    So relived to know the ear drops helped and you're feeling better. :)

  3. YES! Cat Computer games! Me LOVES the games on my iPad!
    But me still loves to chase Mommy's screensaver on her work machine and her MAC Book! It is heavenly HOT!
    But she sure complains about the cat furs gucking up he keyboards...

  4. Those fishies look pretty good. The The Woman: So sorry you have a sick typewriter. How very frustrating.I don't knows if you can even get someone to fix them anymore. Unfortunately, another item that will go by way of the junk yard. I love a computer, but I also think a typewriter is nice to have.

  5. I LOVE seeing these pictures today and the bloggie too. I love those views of the kitties!

    I didn't know you have an icky ear..I so sorries. I hate putting things in my ears so much I actually take earplugs to the salon to avoid their drenching rinses coursing down my ear canals. xox

    Katie's Mom

  6. I think it's just plain cruel of the Humans to dangle moving fishies in front of us that we cannot catch and consume. I think there should be a nice bowl of shrimpies there for you to snack on while you play with the electronic fishies.

    From the Human
    Re your computer keys: I had a laptop where the F and then the E stopped working and I'm pretty sure nokitty peed on it. I bought an external keyboard and I was back in business. So maybe (not certainly but maaaaaybeeee) the kitties are not guilty.

  7. We hope you get those fishies!!

  8. We went fishing too but only after we fed those fishies. We couldn't catch them either. But what a great game. Hope Mom's ear gets all better really soon. Take care.

  9. Let me know if you crack the code to that fish game! I'm getting hungry.
    ; ) Katie

  10. Has it cooled off down there? We hasn't had any summer at all up here yet. Maybe October.

  11. Baby? BABY? BABY??????

    All righty then--Ms. Stella, I challenge you to a trip to Finland! I mean, I know you're down a claw and all and you'll be working under a handicap. But obviously you're not worried about a few eagles and a slightly sleepy bear or six.

    When would you like to leave? I'll be the one waving as your plane takes off. Be sure to give the Punapippuri Clan my best. I'm sure one or two of them will help you build a little shelter in Kiimamaa before winter comes.

    When you come home, I'll decide about whether or not to go myself.

    Oh yeah, I guess I *am* a Baby.

  12. Wish you good luck with the fishing !
    let me know if you crack the code , so I can get the fishes that swim´s around on my blog too :)

  13. We played this on our iPad! pawsome, isn't' it?


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