Sunday, September 09, 2012

Pawparazzi Guard

Since Ms. Stella is being served with a lawsuit

she has upped the security around here with some hired muscle.

Word on the the street is she went way waaaay underground and ferreted out the notorious 
"Mr. Grey" 

Mr. Grey's has a reputation for excessive and malicious violence.  Not even the major heavyweights in the underground crime syndicate hire him as his methods are so heinous even to them.

Any and all intrusions today were met with Ninja speed and the perpatrators instantly dispatched.  

The photos below were taken by a random citizen who was delivering Cat Litter to the premises.  Don't scroll down if you are of a fainty disposition (or a bb kitteh)

Mr. Grey: "you feelin' lucky punk?"
 MG: "Go ahead, Make.My.Day.  Human!"
"That's right!  Back off punk!  You better count them digits when you get home, I think you'll find you might be missing a few!"

Any attempts at libelous activity were met with equal ferocity.

MG: "What exactly do you think you are doing with this?"
That's right- nothing! Because it's difficult to write when your instruments are being ruthlessly tortured!
 MG: "Don't fink I don't thee your hanths there, asth sthoon asth I finishth wif disth paperths you are nextth!"

Nor could he be lured by 'humanly wiles' of distraction

MG:"Oh, so you think you can use the ol' neck scritching relaxation technique on me eh?  Well I was trained by the best & every day for many moons I was subjected to this form of torture until I became immune to it's effects!"


Guess the maurading press will have to suck it up and 
maybe get some actual work done this fine Sunday. 

Good job Mr. Grey!  I hope Ms. Stella is paying you well~

MG: "paid?" 


  1. Very interesting! Very interesting!

  2. We foresee MG biting Ms. Stella until payment is rendered!

    Mommy is thinking of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof: STELLA!

  3. STELLA! STELLA! Can you HEAR me, STELLA!! STELLLLLLAAAAAA! Watch OUT! Your hit Gray will come and bite you!

  4. In all seriousness, don't any of the pawpawrazzi risk getting cat bites. Them's NASTY bad.

    Mr Gray, you are clearly very very quick.

  5. We hope the "random citizen" didn't have any missin digits or lose much bloods! MOL!

  6. My, oh my, that is some pretty serious stuff!

  7. Elebintee-sevenf of September 20--sumfing or other

    Esteemed Ms. Stella O'Houligan:

    It haz comed to my 'ttention that U haz hired a goonie to deter lawfull surbiss ub this verreh impawtant and seagully, uh, LEGALLY sigsniffikant pawsoot.

    He needz to go. My pawcess surber sedded he spit at hur and den hisst and tryed to bite. Dis is nawt accseptibble behavyur.

    Do it nao or we will send in the purrlice!

    Ms. Puss N. Buuts, Cattorney at Paw

    on behaff of my kl-eye-nt King Spitty-the-Kitty who has not received his 10 cans of turkeyz yet.

  8. Mr. Gray is obviously all brawn and no brain!

  9. My Darling, Darling Ms. Stella, My Human just read your comment and is thus far unable to stop laughing long enough to help me compose a proper reply. It will be forthcoming, although at the rate she is relapsing into hysteria every time she thinks about it (foul fowl! Little Miss Hissy Boots! certain doom!), that response could come tomorrow or possibly weeks from now. XOXOXOXO

  10. Bwaaa! Haaa! Haaa! Giggle snort Choke, Giggle! hee hee

  11. WOW! Politics is a tough business!

  12. Spitty is ashamed of himself and acknowledges that Ms. Stella's intentions were nuffing but pure and above-board. He claims he was suffering from PTSD brought upon him by viewing that video of his nightmarish time at the S.P.*

    He wishes to inform all parties that Cattorney Buuts has been dismissed (her fees were exhorbitant but she allowed herself to be paid in catfish--get it? CATfish??)

    We hope peace has been restored between Ms. Stella O'Houligan (SoCal) and Spitty-the-Kitty (NoCal).

    Headbutts and nosetaps and kissies!

    * Stabby Place

  13. I just know your human's hand look like a great snack ! to do that to my mom too..a kind of yum ; )
    Miss you Miss


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