Friday, September 21, 2012

Ms. Stella flirts

This weekend I took time off from slave driving That Woman to 
visit my bait bath and bait feeder.
MY chair is nestled in the shade between the two

ANd, right next to it is some bush That Woman calls 'Bird of Paradise', between you and me though I think she's smokin crack cos I ain't never seen no Bird of Paradise on it!  Only thing that guards that monstrosity is the ebil hummers & the ants!

So without further ado
Here I are
Here's me checkin out my domain 
 and here's Mr. Chair playing coy with me

"Oh Mr. Chair,I can see right thru you!"

"Oh stop now, I'm a lady after all"

"Oh I heard that!"

 "Ok Mr. Chair, this is for you!"

"I suppose I shouldn't be so mean, he's normally so supportive"

It's good to be Queen


  1. These are great pics, Ms Stella. You and Mr Chair are a match made in heaven.

  2. A perfect match!
    Have a wonderful weekend, Ms Stella!

  3. Darling! How can you waste your fine flirty self expending all that on a CHAIR when I am right here??? You do look awfully adorables today though. It's good to see you looking so happy and healthy and Queenly. Makes my flinty little heart go Ker-THUMP, you know?

  4. Ms. Stella, we're just catching up, and it's sure good to see you looking like your normal self, obviously quite content!

  5. Looks like the baits weren't so captivating after all, Stella. Happy Saturday - hope you get more outsides!

  6. Ms. Stella, your flirting with Mr. Chair borders on the SCANDALOUS!!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  7. Oh Ms. Stella! You play hard to get with Mr. Chair!

  8. Ms Stella! Your chair looks exactly like my chair!!!
    Does wes has the same chair?
    Is our chair two timing us?

  9. Hiya Gorgeous!
    Ms. Stella, if Mr. Chair is not up to your expectations, I'd gladly invite you for some nip tea.

  10. Oh Ms Stella! You shouldn't do that to us mancats, flirting with Mr Chair like that.

  11. Mommy says the Bird of Paradise is lovely. She never understood why they were called that until she was in San Diego and a large clump of them were blooming and she thought they did look like birds.


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