Thursday, December 30, 2010

There are actually five cats in this photo.  Can you find them all?  You may have to click the image larger to find them. 

*hint; one is covered in stars*

So I'm home alone reading by the fire.  It's lovely!  The Gurl is with her dad and they are going to the desert riding this weekend. 

The big news is that Mr. Larry may have found himself a permanent home.  The adopter will be driving here from San Luis Opispo (no mean feat of four hours driving one way!) next Friday to meet him and take him home.  I'm really excited but as many of you know until I see tail lights I don't get too worked up. That's how it goes in rescue sometimes. 

I will miss him terribly lots but my joy at him finding his person and having the run of his new home to himself overrides (mostly) my mawkishness. 

So; must tend the fire; get back to my book & tomorrow all day will be spent in the sewing room getting many things ready for their trip to Rome!  (and other destinations!)  Larry will be happy that I'll be 'his' all day tomorrow too.

Here's the fifth cat- covered in stars
Beloved Coco

Happy New Year's Eve to everyone!



  1. Happy new year! hope all goes well with mr. larry!

  2. Anonymous4:32 AM

    That's great news for Mr Larry! Happy New Year to you all! Love Oliver and Ruby


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